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   Chapter 38 The Temporary Substitute Actress

Marriage Contract: Love Game With CEO By Gu Xiaoshi Characters: 10519

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That afternoon, William received a call from the wedding dress studio, saying that the wedding photo album had been sorted out and could be taken. At first, it was Timothy's idea to take wedding photos. But when the photos were prepared, she still had a trace of expectation.

After hanging up the phone, William counted the time. If he went to get the photo album and pick up Mary on the shooting site to show her the photos, the time was just right.

After he finished his work and asked Kevin to take care, William rushed to the wedding dress studio.

On the shooting site of the Past of Republic of China.

"Director," Snow, Summer's assistant, came over and said, "We have an appointment tonight. Can we leave now?"

"Let me have a look," the director flipped through his book and said, "Alright. Let her substitute go back as well. The rest are all men's scenes."

"Okay, thank you, director."

"Okay." The director waved his hand, turned around and shouted, "Hurry up, next scene!"

Mary was sitting aside and talking with Victor.

"Don't come to me every day," Mary grumbled, "Why don't you go to have a rest but come to chat with me?"

"I'm afraid you'll be bored." Victor still smiled.

"I'm not bored," said Mary, "As a supervisor, it's wrong for me to chat with you. If the director sees it and sues me, my bonus will be gone."

"He can't see us as I am here." Victor didn't take it seriously and suddenly asked, "You said that your mother was sick that day. How is she now?"

Lowering her head, Mary smiled and tucked her hair behind her ear. After a while, she said, "It's still the same."

Seeing her sadness, Victor was secretly annoyed that he was too reckless just now. When he was about to say sorry, he heard someone calling him.

"Then... Then I'll go to work first."

"Okay, go ahead." Mary nodded.

William arrived at the studio and the staff recognized him before he said anything.

"Mr. William, please follow me."

"Okay." William nodded slightly and followed the shop assistant in.

"This is your photo album. Please check it to see if there is any omission or if you are not satisfied."

With his well-connected big palm, William picked up the thick photo album. The cover was the photos of the two.

His slender fingers slowly touched the faces of the two people in the photo. They were very beautiful. He slowly opened the album and saw beautiful and festive photos one by one. He finally understood why they had to take wedding photos. Seeing these photos was like looking at the sweet memories of the past.

"Mr. William, are you satisfied?" The shop assistant couldn't help but ask by see that William was so deep in the photos.

"Yes, I am." After closing the photo album, William nodded gently.

"That's good," the shop assistant smiled politely. "When will Mr. William be available? There are three groups of outdoor photos to shoot."

"I'll ask my wife when I get back."


After getting the photo album, William left the studio under the gaze of a group of beautiful saleswomen. He couldn't wait to show it to Mary.

What kind of expression would s

well. "

As soon as William got out of the car, he looked up and just saw this scene from afar.

Victor and Mary was standing under the light. One of them was free and unrestrained, and the other was smiling like a flower. They were a perfect match, but very annoying!

As soon as Mary raised her head and took a casual glance, she saw William standing straight in the distance. 'When did he arrive here?! Why did he come? Did he see everything?'

She stared at William and forgot to react. She just watched him walking towards her step by step.

"What's wrong?" Asked Victor. Following her gaze, he immediately saw the dark faced William.

The expression on Mary's face had changed from shock to guilt, as if she had been caught cheating on her husband.

"Oh, why is Boss here?" The director was a sharp eyed man. He greeted William as soon as he saw him.

"Yes," said William, who was very close to the director. Instead of looking at the director, he stared at Mary and said, "I come here to pick up my wife."

Hearing this, Mary felt that there was an aura of "mountain rain is coming and wind is filling the building".

"Wow, Boss is so considerate." The director continued, "She's over there. Boss, please go there."

"Okay." William walked up to the two of them and asked, "Mary, have you acted?"

"Yes, I have." Lowering her head, Mary didn't dare to look at him. She thought, 'Oh my God! He must blame me for filming without his permission and insulting his identity as the CEO.'

"Victor, let's go and get changed!"

"Yes, I'll be there." Replied Victor. He looked at William and then looked at Mary. "Mary, I'm leaving now. Just now... You did a good job."

"I'll go with you to get changed!" When Mary was about to run away, she was stopped by William.

"You want to run away?" Frowning, William stared at her.

"William, we are going to change our clothes." Victor said to William, "Let go of her."

"Umm?" With a sneer, William squinted her eyes and said with a dangerous light, "Mary, do you want me to let you go and let you change your clothes?"

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