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   Chapter 37 Powerless

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The next morning, William took Mary to another location far from the city center to pick up Lucas. Looking around, it was full of villa groups.

"That's my home." William pointed at a villa and said, "Lucas and his family emigrated to another country and lived here temporarily."

"Oh, I see." Mary looked out of the window and found that this was his home in fact.

There was a red brown roof and white walls, surrounded by green trees. It seemed that there was a swing in front of the door. It was her husband's home, but she could only take a look at it from a distance. Mary was a little bit heart-broken.

Lucas came out of the villa in high spirits and said to William, "You came early."

"Cut the crap. Get in the car."

"You have a long face in the early morning," Lucas argued with him. Seeing that Mary was quiet in the back seat, he quickly smiled and said, "I want to sit with my Sister-in-law. "

"Sit in the front."

"It's none of your business!" Lucas smiled defiantly and opened the back door.

Mary moved to the left consciously.

Along the way, Lucas kept talking like a chatterbox.

"Sister-in-law, what was your college?"

"Oh, Z-University."

"Wow! A famous school. I'm so envious of it." Lucas said with a smile, "No wonder you are so graceful."

"Thank you." Mary smiled. She knew that Lucas was exaggerating. He was a classmate of William, and how could ordinary people compare with William.

"Many girls loved William when he was in college." Lucas began to talk about their university life, "But he just has a cold face and is unmoved."

Hearing that, Mary raised her eyebrows. She could almost imagine how William would refuse other girls.

"You put on a smile every day. The romantic history can be written into a book about history." Said William sarcastically.

"What romantic history?" Lucas said, "That's called pure friendship between male and female classmates."

"Fuck off!" Then he stopped talking after William uttering this sentence.

"Girls are afraid of him, so," Lucas ignored him and continued, "He has never been in love. ha-ha! "

Mary can't believe it a little bit, "Really? "

"It's true. It's true." Lucas covered his stomach and laughed. "It's real, very real. "

William was in dark face, "Shut up! "

"When you were in college, you were pursued by a lot of people, weren't you?" Lucas asked with a cunning smile. Hearing this, William was a little curious and could not help but prick up his ears.

"No... I weren't." Mary felt a little embarrassed.

"Sister-in-law must be very modest." Lucas said with a smile, "Has my sister-in-law ever been in love? "

Mary couldn't help but glance at William and said, "I had a boyfriend before, just one."

"Oh, I see." Lucas was a little embarrassed. Seeing that the face of William darkened, he quickly changed the topic, "When we were in college, William cleaned everything."

Mary nodded, 'I know. Anyway, he is a neat freak.'

"But sometimes he is too lazy. He is like a young master. If he doesn't want to c

her heart, so she could finally ask.

"About half a year."

"Okay, I see." "Thank you," Mary said calmly.

Standing aside, William didn't say anything. He didn't know what to say and how to comfort her.

It suddenly occurred to him that on the day of Sansa's death, his state was very similar to Mary's present state. He didn't want to do or care about anything. He felt empty in the whole world. He could only try his best to suppress himself. The thought that he would never see that person again in his life made him feel like his heart was pulled out.

Mary was the same now. It was useless to persuade her.

"William," said Mary with swollen eyes, "Tell her. Tell my mother that we are married, okay?"

"Okay, fine." William nodded.

"I want to show her our wedding photos after the photos come out."

"Okay." "Don't be too sad," said William after a pause.

"Yes," said Mary with a faint smile. "There is still half a year left. I can accompany her well."

Because she had to face the fact that her mother will die in the end, Mary was not in a good mood these days, but she was still calm in front of others. Looking at Mary, William also felt uncomfortable.

Mary went to the hospital almost every day. Her mother knew that she was weak and powerless, so she was worried about her daughter.

When Mary's mother woke up, she asked, "William proposed to me. Mom, do you think I should agree?"

Mary's mom held her hand and nodded slightly. "Okay, the day finally comes and I am in it. Mary, I'm happy."

"Mom, as long as you are happy." Mary laid in the chest of her mom, tears pouring, and she asked, "Do you still hate my father?"

"Yes, why not?" "But so what? If he didn't leave, there would be one more person who would be sad now. I don't care him at all." Mary's mom said, handling her hair.

Mary's heart twitched when she heard this. Her father had given up their relationship for more than 20 years, but her mother described it in such an easy way. Then, what was the so-called love?!

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