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   Chapter 34 Take Him Home

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When Frank and Lucas came back one after another, William and the others were almost drunk.

"Frank, why did it take you so long?" As soon as Frank went back, Nancy asked.

"I just had a cigarette at that time." While speaking, Frank looked at William.

"Okay, fine." Nancy smiled arrogantly and said nothing anymore.

"What time is it now?" William was full of smell of alcohol which made him stammer.

"Ten o'clock in the evening." The man in glasses said, "It's still early."

"It's still early? !" His wife sitting next to him said, "So you don't need to go to work tomorrow? !"

"Ha ha ha..." Lucas said with a laugh, "Yes, you're right."

"How about we have another drink before we go back?" The tall and thin man's face turned red also.

"Yes, let's drink!" William raised his glass and was about to drink more.

Lucas grabbed his glass and said, "Stop drinking. Look at all of you. You should stop William from drinking, shouldn't you? Look at him. How drunk he is. !"

"We can't stop him at all..." The man in glasses said with stammer already.

"Yes," said Nancy, "It was Brother William who wanted to drink with others."

"All right, all right. Let's go now." Lucas waved his hand, "Is it okay?"

"Okay, I think they are almost done also."

"Okay, then I'll take your Mike away."

"Fine," nodded Lucas, "Take care."

A group of people walked out of the box, leaving only four persons in the noisy box.

"I'll drive Brother William home." Frank stood up and pulled William to go.

"Frank!" "Shouldn't you take care of your wife first?" Lucas said, holding his arm. !"

Nancy stood aside and sneered, "I'll take a taxi home by myself."

"It's so late. Don't you even worry about her?" Lucas stared at Frank.


Just as everyone was in a stalemate, William suddenly muttered with his shaking body.

Frank felt as if he had been struck by lightning. He loosened his hand grabbing William, very incredulous.

"Did you hear that?" Lucas smiled and said, "He is calling his wife. I'll ask Mary to pick him up. You drive Nancy home."

Nancy raised her eyebrows.

"Let's go, then!" With a pale face, Frank pressed his lips and pulled Nancy out of the room.

Lucas took out William's cellphone and took a long time to find the name of Mary on the phone.

When Mary was about to go home, her phone rang. She took out her phone and found that it was a call from William, who he hadn't contacted herself for a few days.

"Who is there?" Asked Victor, raising his eyebrows.

"William." Mary smiled and answered the phone, "Hello?"

"Hello?" Lucas's voice sounded a little excited, "Sister-in-law?"

Sister-in-law? "Who are you?" Mary stunned.

"Oh, haven't William told you yet? I'm his friend," Lucas said quickly. "He's drunk now. Can you take him home, Sister-in-law?"

"He is drunk?" Mary frowned and asked, "Where are you now?"

"At Love Bar. Do you know the place, Sister-in-law?"

"Okay, I know.

ank's face was full of anger while Nancy's delicate face was full of unwillingness and with no tenderness, but this made the room hot.

The night was still long.

In a hurry, Mary took out the key and opened the door. She turned on the light and supported the sleepy William all the way to the bedroom. She threw him on the bed as if she was relieved.

"Hello, William. Are you okay?" Clenching her waist, Mary asked breathlessly.


"Alas..." Mary shook her head and took a glass of warm water. "William, here is the water. Get up and drink it."

Mary held William's head and slowly put the glass of water in front of his mouth.

Feeling the moisture of the water, William closed his eyes and gulped down the water, but he coughed because he drank it too fast.

"Cough, cough, cough..." Frowning, William slightly opened his eyes and asked in confusion, "Are you Mary?"

"Yes, it's me." Mary replied sourly.

"Where am I?"

"The apartment." Mary stood up and said, "Can you take a shower? It's full of the smell of alcohol."

"Yes, I can," said William, hurting in his head but not wanting to show weakness.

"Then go wash yourself. I'll make you some hangover tea." Mary walked out with the cup in her hand.

William stood up, shaking, and staggered into the bathroom.

As Mary was making tea, she felt lucky that William was drunk. Otherwise, she didn't know how to face him.

It had been a long time since the tea was finished, but William still didn't come out. All of a sudden, an idea came to Mary's mind. 'Damn it! Is there anything wrong with him in the bathroom? !'

Thinking of this, Mary felt her scalp tingling. She stood up at once and rushed into the bedroom of William very quickly.

As soon as she entered, she found that William was in a bathrobe and sleeping soundly on the bed.

"Swoosh..." Mary breathed a sigh of relief. When she was about to leave, she saw him in a mess. She couldn't stop herself from helping him.

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