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   Chapter 33 It's Just The Truth

Marriage Contract: Love Game With CEO By Gu Xiaoshi Characters: 10765

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"Bella Su, it's just my parents' order to marry you. I have a girl I like. If you are accept this, you can be a nominal wife of the young master. After I achieve my goal, I will let you go back." Said Jimmy Duan.

"Since I married you, where should I go?" Sitting in a rattan chair, Bella Su looked a little disappointed.

"Don't worry. I will arrange you well." Jimmy Duan frowned in disgust. Old style women were troublesome. The one he liked had to be independent. "I will find a good husband for you at that time."

"If so, I, Bella, hereby thank you." Bella Su said indifferently.

"Humph, humph!" Jimmy snorted and walked out of the yard in high boots.

Looking down at the lotus bag embroidered by herself, Bella Su took out the scissors and twisted it into pieces.

"OK, stop." The director ordered, "This piece has passed."


"Great, right!"

There was a cheer on the site. Finally, it was over and they could go to eat.

'The situation of 'Bella Su' is really like mine, ' Mary thought.

"Mary Lu!"

All of a sudden, someone called her from behind. As soon as Mary turned around, she saw that it was Victor who hadn't changed his clothes yet.

"Ah, why is the master here?" Mary blinked and teased.

"I traveled through time, ha ha." "I look good in this suit, don't I?" asked Victor with a smile.

"Yes, you are very handsome." "I'm just not used to let you act Jimmy Duan." Mary nodded.

"Why are you not used to it?"

"He is a faithful young master. As for you, you are a playboy with a lot of scandals." said Mary.

"That's because I haven't met someone I like yet," said Victor with a smile, staring at Mary.

Mary was a little distracted by his gaze, but she suddenly heard someone calling Victor over there.

"Mr. Victor, come here and change your clothes. Haven't you worn enough filming clothes?"

"You'd better go to remove your makeup and change your clothes," said Mary. "It's time for me to get off work also."

"Don't leave now. I'll treat you to have some meals."

"No, thanks." Mary shook her head.

"I insist," said Victor with a smile as he ran a few steps away. "Don't go."

Looking at the far away Victor, Mary sighed helplessly and could only wait.

In the apartment of William, Lucas put down his bag and looked at it around. "Where does your wife, Mary, live? Why isn't she here?"

"She doesn't live here." William poured a glass of water for him and said, "She's in the center of the city. I bought her a suite in the building which was invested and developed by our company."

"You are such a cunning fox!" "I'm going to get rid of the jet lag. Call me later and I'll go out to drink with you," said Lucas, curling his lips.

"Just go ahead."

Lucas went into the guest room and fell asleep.


The phone rang and William took it out, 'Where are you?' It was a message from Frank.

William called him directly.

"Hello? Brother William"

"Yes, I am at home. I went to the airport just now."

"Pick up someone?"

"Yes, Lucas has come back."

"He's back? Why does he come back?"

"I want him to do me a favor." Taking a sip of water, William said, "I want him to check on Mary's mother."

"A famous c

illiam smiled and said, "Don't flatter me. Everyone is doing well."

"And Frank," the tall and thin man said, "He is not only successful, but also married earlier than you. You have to try harder."

"What the?" Lucas said, "You don't know that William has been married even you're in the same city!"

"What...? Has been married?"

"Wow, such a piece of news. Why don't you tell us? !"

"Yes, it's right. Do you look down upon us or something else?"

"I just got my marriage license. I haven't told everyone yet. I'm too busy," said William with a smile, staring at Frank.

"No way!" The man said, "Drink! Drink!"

"Okay, okay," said William with a smile, "Punish yourself by drinking three glasses of wine."

"Brother William, why didn't you call the sister-in-law here today?" Nancy asked.

"She is busy today." After drinking another glass of wine, William suddenly felt that the wine he had swallowed was unbearable.

"It's not right!" The tall and thin man said, "You must have hidden the sister-in-law in your sugar house!"

"Ha ha," said Lucas with a smile, "If there is a chance, let the sister-in-law come out to see us!"

"Sure, of course." Holding the glass in his hand, William smiled and drank it up.

"I'm going to the toilet." Frank suddenly said.

"Wait," called Lucas, "I'll go with you."

Frowning, William looked at Lucas with a warning meaning in his eyes, but Lucas pretended not to see it.

The two of them walked out of the box. When William was about to chase after them, he was pulled by several friends to drink.

"Frank, stop pestering William." After leaving the door, Lucas said directly.

"You should go and tell him." Frank sneered, "If he want me to leave, then I'll leave."

"You obviously know he feels guilty!" "Don't think you can keep him in this way," said Lucas, glaring at Frank.

Lucas gave him a cold stare and went into the restroom. 'William, I'm the only one who knows what had happened to you and Frank. If I don't help you, who else can? Even if you think I shouldn't mind your business, I'll stop you from your unrealistic and self-damaging-future idea!'

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