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   Chapter 13 Meeting William's Father

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Mary's heart pounded wildly as she sat with William in the car, his face gloomy and frightening.

"Du, du..."

The phone in the car rang but did not distract her from her discomfort.

"Hello," William answered the call as he put on a Bluetooth headset, "This is William, when... Okay, I'll pick you up... Okay."

Mary sat idly twiddling her thumbs, uninterested in other people's phone calls.

They approached a large intersection and William suddenly turned the car hard.

With a screech of the tires, the car swung around to go in the opposite direction.

Mary was given no warning and taken completely off guard. The car spun and sent her reeling, grabbing at the window crank and screaming. "Ah! Help!" she squealed.

"What are you screaming for?". William asked calmly, interrupting her scream while he set the car the right way.

"I... I was scared to death..." Her face was pale and she was still in a state of shock. "Why... Why did you turn like that so suddenly?" she complained.

"I have to go pick someone up at the airport."

"Pick someone up? Who?"

"My father."

"Your... Your father?" Her heart was just starting to calm down again but now began fluttering wildly once more. "I... Am I going with you?"

"Yeah." William seemed amused by her nonsense and astonishment, shooting sideways glances at her. "My father heard that we're married, so he rushed back from the United States, for you. Get ready."

'Get ready? Are you out of your mind! We'll arrive at the airport in less than an hour. How could I possibly get ready ?'

Mary cursed him in silence and then asked, "Is your father strict?"

"Yes, he is."

"Isn't it impolite for me to dress like this in his presence?"

"Yes it is actually."

His nonchalance angered her so greatly she could hardly breathe.

"Then what am I to do, my CEO?" she asked, her words brimming with derision.! She was not very good at containing her anger.

"Play it by ear. Improvise."

'Oh that's helpful!' she thought. Suddenly she forced a smile, 'Are you trying to test me? I'll show you my three years in the Public Relations Department was not in vain!'

She tried adjusting her clothes to calm herself. She sat there, like a man burning with a fighting spirit.

The airport was crowded with people. As they entered, a middle-aged man immediately came up to them.

"Mr. Lan. Mrs. Lan."

'Mr. Lan seems normal enough, but it's so strange hearing someone call me Mrs. Lan!' Mary remarked to herself.

"Where is my father?"

"He's here, waiting in the VIP room. I am to escort you there."

"Okay." William then took Mary and they walked to the VIP room together.

The door opened and a rush of cool air blew out at them.

Sat on a leather sofa within, was a man older than 50 years. He was strong and healthy, and the way he looked at Mary with his bright eyes gave her a sense of calm and awe.

This was William's father; Timothy Lan.

Mary recalled when she was still in training at the company and was learning of the company's development history. The director had spoken of Timothy Lan with great pleasure and admiration. She was very excited to actually meet him in person.

"Father." William stopped three steps from him and bowed.

Such a family had so many rules and courtesies to follow.

Mary was embarrassed but still bowed courtly and said, "Father." ...

"Come on, it's Mary, isn't it?" Timothy Lan asked, standing and walking over with a smile. "Raise your head. Don't be afraid."

Mary took a deep breath and slowly lifted her head to meet Timothy Lan's approving eyes. "Not bad. William hasn't disappointed me this time," he said jokingly.

"Thank you... Dad."

"Ha ha

... Nice, very nice." Timothy Lan laughed happily and took out a red envelope from his pocket. "Mary, here, take this. It is my gift to you."

"Umm..." Mary looked to William with embarrassment and nervousness.

She might have needed the money, but she would not take any she shouldn't.

"Take it. It's Father's gift," William said, nodding, "It certainly is rare for us to be of one mind. Mary, just take it." Timothy Lan smiled and gave her the red envelope.

"Then I suppose... Thank you, Dad."

"You're welcome. We are a family. Ha ha," chuckled Timothy Lan as he looked at Mary. He seemed to like her very much.

She smiled only slightly but her heart was beating fast. The father and the son were nothing like each other. They were basically polar opposites. She had not expected such a great man to smile so kindly.

"I only just found out that you were married. Mary, you won't blame me for my late welcoming of you, will you?" he asked sincerely.

"No, No." Mary shook her head, all flustered, and said graciously, "We're very happy that with your busy schedule you were still able to fly back and see us."

"Ha ha... That's good to hear. When will the wedding ceremony be held?" Timothy asked, nodding and grinning with pleasure.

"Father, I've been very busy with the company as of late. I haven't even had the time to think about it," William said, interrupting Mary before she could respond.

"Busy... 365 days a year and you are busy for all of them!"? Timothy Lan yelled with a sudden change in his previously friendly expression and continued, "The girl left her parents and followed you to join our family. You must hold a wedding ceremony! A grand wedding ceremony. You have no other option!"

"Father..." Willaim began slowly. Anger was strewn all over his father's face, it looked as though they were about to come to blows over this.

"William!" Mary rushed to William's side and turned to Timothy Lan, "Dad... It was actually my idea. I told William to postpone the ceremony."

"Mary..." Timothy Lan began, "Don't speak for this boy. If there's anything you need, you just ask me, okay?"

Mary had almost been moved to tears. This sweetness warmed her heart.

"Dad... It really is my wish. When I'm ready for the ceremony, I'll let you know, okay?"

"Okay, girl, I like you," said Timothy Lan with a smile from ear to ear. "I hand my naughty son over to you then. Thank you."

"Please, Dad, William and I take care of each other."

"Okay, okay," Timothy Lan replied, still seemingly brimming with joy.

Mary turned and shared a glance with William, just between them. William couldn't help laughing and shaking his head.

"Father, it's getting late. We should head back," William interjected.

"What is the time?" Mary looked at her watch and exclaimed, "It's so late. Oh my, how time flies!"

"Yes, how did that happen?" Timothy Lan got up and took Mary by the shoulder. "Mary, let's go home and have a talk."

"Sure," she replied, following Timothy Lan out.

William followed behind them, looking at the two of them chatting away happily. He wondered what they were saying and thinking.

"Why don't we take my car, Mary?"

"I'm sorry?" she replied in shock. She then stuttered, startled, "I... I think... I think I'd better go back with William... I'm fine taking his car..."

"Ha ha," Timothy Lan laughed. "I get it, you two have only just been married and you want to spend all your time together... We'll talk when we get home."

"Okay, no problem." Mary breathed a sigh of relief and thought, 'It's not because I want to be with him all the time... It's that I'm afraid everything will be exposed when we're left together!'

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