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   Chapter 6 Meeting Victor For The First Time

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Mary followed William from the 32nd floor to the 31st, and then down to the 30th floor, taking the stairs the whole time.

"Why don't we take the elevator?" There was no respite to everyone's scrutiny when they took the stairs like this. It was so uncomfortable.

William shrugged. "I want everyone to see you." He stopped then leaned over to whisper conspiratorially in her ear before they entered the next office. "Now, show them a happy smile, my dear wife."

A tingle ran along Mary's back at the feel of William's breath on her ear. The corners of her mouth twitched up, then widened into a grin as she stepped forward.

"Look! It's Mary!"

"Mary is so beautiful. They're a perfect match." People whispered among themselves as William and Mary passed by.

William motioned to Mary as they approached the Public Relations Department. "You should say goodbye to your colleagues."

Mary nodded. She had barely taken a step into the department when she was mobbed by her coworkers.

"Mary! You devious girl! You never told us you had a thing with our CEO! And now you're getting married!" Andy, known as the office flirt, said chidingly.

"Oh, you know. I was always busy with work. There never seemed to be a right time," Mary said with a tight smile, falling back to her scripted responses.

"Were you scared someone else would snatch him away? Or are we just too unimportant for the CEO's wife?" Andy remained smiling sweetly, but the sarcasm and jealousy emanated from her like a heavy perfume.

"Mary's not like that," Jack interjected, reaching out from the throng to shake Mary's hand. "Congratulations, Mary! We're so happy for you."

Mary smiled back at Jack warmly. "Thank you. You should get yourself a girlfriend, too!"

"Not a problem! With this body? Who could resist?" Jack patted his belly, making everyone laugh.

"You owe us a treat, Mary!"

"I volunteer to be your bridesmaid!"

Mary beamed and nodded, accepting the office's well-wishes.

William, who had been standing over to the side, looked at his watch. "It's getting late. Let's go, Mary," he called out briskly.

The hubbub quieted down as soon as the CEO spoke up.

Mary flashed an apologetic smile at her former colleagues and returned to William's side, hooking her arm with his. She waved at them and called out as they walked away. "Keep up the great work, guys! I'll come visit again soon."

William and Mary started to walk back down to the lobby, ignoring the envious gossip in their wake.

"I didn't expect you to get along so well with them," William noted, as they walked.

Mary scoffed. "It's part of being professional. You should try it some time."

William chuckled. They said nothing else to each other as they walked on.

As soon as they stepped out of the building, a group of reporters surrounded them.

"Mr. Lan! Why the shotgun wedding? Is your wife pregnant?"

"Is it all just a publicity stunt?"

"Is that her, Mr. Lan? What's her name?"

"Is the rumor about your company's star, Victor, true or not?"

The reporters bombarded William and Mary with questions. It made Mary's ears ring and left her feeling suffocated. She worked in Public Relations Department, but she operated largely in the background. It was the first time she herself was put under the glare of the cameras. It was unnerving.

Upon reaching the car, William paused, turned, then held up Mary's hand in front of the cameras, gracing them with a megawatt smile. "This is my wife, Mary. Please join us at the press conference for the Past of Republic of China. I will answer your questions there."

With that, he entered smoothly into the car, dragging Mary in with him.

Some reporters continued to squeeze into the door, pointing heavy cameras at them.

The bodyguards were soon able to hold the intruders off, however. The car door finally shut close, and locked after them.

Mary let out a heavy sigh of relief. Mary turned to speak to William, but saw him wiping his hand with a handkerchief, apparently cleaning the hand he had just used to hold hers. She felt herself turn red in humiliation. She bit her lips an

d clutched her hands quietly in her lap.

So this was what it felt like to be so disliked.

Mary didn't feel offended enough to confront him about it. She didn't hold herself in high esteem either.

The car soon arrived at the press conference, which was already jam-packed.

The press conference organizer came up to welcome the CEO as soon as he saw him.

"How is it going?" William asked through the sides of his mouth, as he smiled and waved at the cameras.

"Everything is ready. The conference will begin soon," the organizer said, stepping in briskly beside him.

William nodded. "Is Victor here?"

"He just arrived. He's fixing his makeup backstage."

"Very well, then. We'll be waiting there, too."

Mary followed William backstage. They found it in a state of disarray.

The people backstage all scrambled to fix themselves up as soon as they spotted William.

"Mr. Lan!"

Everyone stood up to greet him. William gave a curt nod of acknowledgement without looking at any of them. He strode straight to the VIP reception room, Mary at his heels.

Only Victor and his entertainment agent Jorge were in the room.

Victor paired his dark brown hair with a simple shirt and casual clothes. He mostly relied on his best accessory: his charming smile. 'Such a handsome, angelic face.

But what a devilish troublemaker, ' Mary thought, shaking her head.

Victor looked up briefly from his seat to see who had just entered, then continued playing with his mobile phone when he saw it was William.

William swept right in and stopped directly in front of Victor, looking down at him coolly. "You better behave onstage later. We've had to clean up a lot of your messes of late."

Victor just scoffed. He smirked at his phone and said nothing.

Jorge was more obsequious. He smiled nervously and bowed his head, answering for him, "Of course, Mr. Lan. I'll make sure he stays out of trouble this time."

Wlliam turned to Mary and motioned her to a seat. "You can relax. There's still some time."

Mary nodded. "Okay, then." She took a seat across Victor.

Victor's head snapped up upon hearing a woman's voice. He looked Mary up and down with a leer. Mary shifted uncomfortably in her seat.

"And who is this little beauty?" Victor said, leaning toward Mary eagerly.

'Little beauty? I'm already 27 years old. What a joke, ' Mary thought. Mary just smiled tightly without a response. Victor was a known goof-off. He was obviously just mocking her.

"Now, Victor. You know this is our CEO's wife, Mary." Jorge pointedly reminded Victor with a nervous smile, glancing at William.

As soon as Victor heard the words "CEO's wife," his eyes widened then sparkled mischievously. He stood up and walked toward her.

"CEO's wife, huh? For real?" Victor asked slyly, glancing at William. William just returned his gaze nonchalantly.

He wouldn't dignify Victor with a response.

"Wow!" Victor said, turning his teasing to Mary. "Who would've thought this kind of guy would end up with a woman?" Mary frowned at that.

She puzzled over Victor's words. 'What does he mean by this kind of guy?'

Victor looked at her expectantly. "Oh? Don't tell me you don't know?" A naughty glint appeared in Victor's eyes as he saw Mary's confused expression.

"That's enough," William interrupted Victor brusquely. "You know the company can just get rid of you, Victor Qiao."

Jorge rushed out apologies as he pulled Victor back and squeezed him to stay quiet. Victor chuckled but backed down. "Our apologies, Mr. Lan. He's just kidding. I am so sorry."

Mary bit her lip. She didn't expect that William and Victor had such a terse relationship.

Fortunately, just then, Kevin came in and broke the tension in the room. "Mr. Lan? It's time."

Victor stood up and straightened his sleeves. He shot William and Mary a meaningful look, smirked, then walked out of the room along with Jorge.

William sighed. "Right. Let's give them a good show." He walked over to Mary and offered his arm. Mary stood up and took William's arm. She took a deep breath and walked out with a wide smile plastered on her face.

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