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   Chapter 4 Staying In The Same House

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"There are a few more rules you should know," said William, letting go of her hand with his eyebrows raised. He appeared to be studying her response.

"Rules?" She asked, noticeably shocked by the revelation.

"Yes," he nodded in reply. "My bedroom is off limits to you, do not touch my things, certainly not anything in the study and don't move anything around and change the way the rooms are laid out. Do you understand?"

"Yes... I get it." Mary nodded, terrified by his sternness and worried she might break his rules and upset him.

"Do you have anything to ask? Anything to add?"

"No... No, no," she replied nervously and shaking her head. ... 'I'm not a lunatic, I'm not going to make any requests of the boss, ' she thought.

Nodding in satisfaction, William turned and waved his hand dismissively, gesturing for Mary to leave.

She heaved a huge sigh of relief and slowly made her way out. She could then be found sitting cross-legged on the sofa, where she had turned the TV on to relax.

"Hahaha..." Mary chuckled as she watched TV happily in the living room, "Hahaha..."

Perhaps it was because she had slumped too deep into relaxation that she had almost forgotten she was in the same house as her CEO husband.

"Turn the TV off!" William yelled, rushing out of the study. "From now on, when I'm working you will not watch TV or make a single noise!"

"I'm..." Mary's hand holding her snacks shook for a moment and she then nodded blankly, "Sorry."

William glared at her in anger before slamming the door behind him as he went back into the study.

Mary put her hand to her chest, trying to comfort herself. She had been scared half to death and decided it best to just tiptoe back to her room. "Wow, that was scary. OMG!"

She couldn't help but worry about her future.

If she got on his nerves too often, would she die without a burial place?

This thought prompted her out of her bed and to hurriedly look over the contract. It stated clearly that if Party B broke the contract, the penalty would be double all the fees paid by Party A to Party B.

What? This was crazy! She sat on the bed in silence with her thoughts. 'He's so cruel! He truly is the CEO of our company!'

It seemed she had completely sold herself to him.

She looked up to the ceiling and breathed out slowly. Before she knew it, she had drifted off to sleep unconsciously.

William continued working late into the night, eventually leaving his study to make himself a cup of coffee in the kitchen.

He passed by Mary's room and noticed the door slightly ajar, a faint light coming from inside.

"Mary? Have you not slept yet?" William asked standing at the door with his coffee in hand.

There was no response.

'Is she asleep?' He glanced at his watch to see that it was two o'clock.

'Simple' was the only way to describe her somewhat empty bedroom.

He looked at the bed and choked on his coffee, almost spitting it out across the room.

Mary lay on the bed in a less than flattering pose; a piece of paper in her mouth, a leg hanging off the edge of the bed and her hair all disheveled.

He quickly turned off the light and closed the door for her, afraid he would pollute his eyes with this sight again.

He had never seen such a careless woman before. He frowned, but at the same time felt grateful for her and proud of his decision.

He needed just such an unassuming, not lustful or needy but smart and capable woman. She was his ideal 'good wife' who wouldn't cause him much trouble.

'It would be better if she paid more attention to her appearance though, ' William thought to himself.

Taking a sip of coffee, he strutted leisurely back to his bedroom.

The first ray of morning sunshine streamed into the room.

With sleepy eyes, M

ary got up to brush her teeth.

William had already finished his morning exercise and had come back in high spirits.

"Good morning," he greeted her as he entered the house. She had barely woken up and his sudden appearance startled her.

"Ah!" Mary stammered while yawning, "Good morning..."

"Call me when breakfast is ready." William was just as taken aback by the image of her this morning. He grabbed a towel and walked to the bathroom.

"Okay..." She hadn't even really heard anything he said, as she was still trying to find her bearings. She just agreed with him out of panic and continued on into the washroom.

She brushed her teeth, washed her face, changed her clothes and put on some light makeup.

"Perfect!" She smiled confidently at herself in the mirror and walked out of the bedroom. She clasped the doorknob and was about to open the front door...

"Where are you going?" Terror struck her heart.

A loud shout came from behind her; it was William.

"Hello? Did you hear me?" "I'm... I'm going to the company building. It's already half past seven," answered Mary at a loss to what was happening.

William stared her down darkly.

"What... What's the matter?" Mary asked, confused and shaky. She was terrified to speak with the anger that surrounded William.

What's the matter?" William repeated. He was angry but managed a smile. "Where is my breakfast?" he asked again.

"Brea... Breakfast?" Mary stared back vacantly and said quickly, "I don't know! I didn't eat your breakfast! I haven't had breakfast yet! I don't know anything about your breakfast!"

"You..." William was filled with frustration at those words and yelled once more, "Okay, okay. You're trying to make me angry, aren't you? Good job, very good!"

With that, he picked his suit coat up from the sofa and stormed off, leaving Mary standing alone.

She was so horrifyingly shaken that she hid in a corner. She only came to her senses when she heard the loud bang of the door slamming.

The words 'Call me when the breakfast is ready...' flashed through her mind.

"Buzz!" Suddenly, she remembered what William had said and leapt up.

"Oh my God. I've made a big mistake."

Her bag in her hand, Mary ran after William yelling, "Mr. Lan! Mr. Lan!"

William's car had just taken off as she ran out of the building.

William snorted coldly, ignoring the shouts from behind and put his foot down on the paddle, leaving Mary far behind him.

"Oh my God!" Mary complained as she tried hailing a taxi outside the community.

Fortunately, a taxi stopped for her immediately. "Sir, to the AJ Building."

'It's all my fault. I shouldn't have made any trouble on the first day, ' she thought, overflowing with regret.

"Here we are, miss."

"How much?"


"Oh, thank you." Mary paid the twenty dollars with her heart pounding in her chest. Usually, she took the bus and two dollars was enough. Today had cost her ten times that.

'Alas, life is tough.

Whatever. It is what it is.'

She got out of the taxi and rushed to the company gate to buy breakfast.

"You're here a little early today," said the old lady selling Chinese hamburgers. She then smiled kindly and asked, "Would you like the hamburger that costs four dollars again?"

"Well..." Mary smiled awkwardly. She was here much faster because she had taken a different mode of transport today. "Well, I'll buy two today, thanks."

"Ha ha, okay."

"Thank you." Mary took them and ran to the company building.

"Miss Lu."

"Morning." Everyone greeted her warmly all her way in.

"Miss Lu, Congratulations!" said an employee, smiling at her oddly.

"What?" Confused as she was, she continued on forward.

All that mattered right now was comforting William's fragile heart.

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