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   Chapter 1 Marriage Registration

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"Don't be so stiff. Lean in closer!" the photographer ordered as he held his camera in his hand.

Mary Lu leaned against the man uneasily.

"Smile." The photographer frowned. He waved his arms around exasperatedly, not satisfied with all the photos that he had taken. "Wedding photos are supposed to be happy and sweet. Relax!"

Well, this wedding was anything but... She didn't even know what the man next to her looked like now. He probably had an indifferent face.

Mary Lu forced a smile into her face as she stared directly at the camera. Soon, the photos were finally taken. The three of them sighed in relief.

When she walked out, Mary Lu could hear the photographer complaining to himself, "I've never seen such a strange couple. They may look like a match, but they act as if they'd just met!"

Mary Lu sighed and shook her head. She really wanted to act natural, but was there really anything natural about the situation that she had just gotten herself into?

Was this marriage anything to be proud of? The only reason she was getting married in the first place was all because of a contract!

It turned out a marriage certificate was also very cheap. In fact, it only cost them nine dollars.

It was drizzling when they got out. Unfortunately, the two of them didn't bring umbrellas.

"Where are you going?" William Lan asked. He was now Mary Lu's husband, especially since they already got their marriage certificate all sorted out.

"Let's go home first." Mary Lu stared at the grey sky. Droplets of rain slid down her cheeks. "I can go back myself."

"What about your mother? Should we go and see her?"

She slowly shook her head. "She's still in a coma. You can go ahead with your work," she said almost bitterly, but he didn't really mind.

"Okay. I'll go back to the company first." Without another word, William Lan strode towards the luxury car across the road. Although Mary Lu didn't know how much it cost, she could tell it was extremely expensive from other people's envious gaze.

Without looking back, he slipped inside the car.

Mary Lu was still in a daze as she watched his retreating figure.

She remembered the first day she met him.

That day, Mary Lu was called into the CEO's office. She was just an assistant manager of the Public Relations Department. Why did the CEO suddenly want to see her? Had she done something wrong?

Filled with anxiety, she entered his office. It was the first time she came to meet her boss, William Lan. At a closer look, he looked like a man without flaws.

He was incredibly tall with a well-defined jaw line. He pursed his thin lips. There was something about his eyes that drew her in. After looking into them for a long time, she felt as if she was falling into an abyss. He was wearing a black suit which highlighted his built figure, but she thought that he would look more suitable in blue.

"Are you Mary Lu? The assistant manager of the Public Relations Department?" William Lan said calmly, holding a document in his hand. He stood up and walked to her side. "It's stated that two years ago, your mother had been diagnosed with cancer. Your father has even abandoned both of you. Are you experiencing a hard time?"

What did he just say? Mary's jaw dropped as she stared at the man standing before her.

'How could a CEO be so concerned over a lowly employee? Did he perform an investigation about me?'

"Thank you for your concern, Sir. I'll be fine," Mary said calmly, trying not to be affected by his words.

"Are you sure?" William leaned against the corner of his table. "What about the treatment fees that you owe to the hospital? Even with your part-time jobs, I don't think that's enough for you to pay them back. At least not until a few more years."

Mary blinked, stumbling backwards. "How did you know all of this?" she demanded. "Are you investigating me? What the hell are you up to?"

William wasn't affected by her demanding questions as he fixated his sharp eyes onto her. "Yes. There was an investigation," he openly admitted. "I want to make a deal with you."

"A deal? What deal?"

"Marry me, and I'll pay all your mother's medical expenses." William didn't even pau


"Well, I'm not interested." Mary was about to turn around and walk away.

"Are you sure?" She froze.

There was something in his question

that made her hesitate. Her marriage had always been something that her mother was worrying about.

Mary winced at the thought of her mother on the hospital bed. The doctor had told her that her mother could only last a few more months. If she faked her own marriage, then she might be able to fulfill her mother's dying wish.

Mary's nails dug into her palm. "What should I do?"

"I have a contract right here. You can have a look." When she turned, he handed her a few papers. "Everything's clearly written. In fact, you don't even have to do anything. You're my wife by name only. Everything you do should be coordinated with me, obviously, in case if we share any sparring viewpoints."

Mary looked over at the contract uncertainly.

Seeing as she still had doubts, William waved his hand. "You can think it over and give me your answer tomorrow. If you don't have anything else you want to say, then you can go."

"Wait. Why do you want to do this? What benefits will you get from this?" she demanded.

He shrugged. "You don't have to know that. All you need to do is consider what's best for you."

That ass! 'He thinks he can rule the world!' she thought.

Without another word, she turned on her heel and left. When Mary returned to her desk, she opened the contract. It was indeed short and concise.

The marriage would only be for one year. Although they were required to live together, sexual intercourse was prohibited. The man would be responsible for all living expenses and her mother's treatment. He would also compensate her with a monthly salary of a hundred thousand dollars. The marriage would be public, and the woman would be asked to cooperate with him in important events.

Gazing at the contract, Mary was completely dumbfounded. With so much money, all the problems in her life would simply disappear. Not only would her mother receive better treatment, but she also didn't have to work until midnight. It wouldn't even harm her, but was it really just that simple? As she was hesitating, her phone rang. It was from the hospital. She gritted her teeth and answered, "Hello?"

"Is this Mary? Your mother is in bad condition. She has been sent to the emergency room. Come prepared."

"What?" she shrieked. "I'll be right there. Doctor Cao, please do whatever you can to save my mother."

"We'll do our best."

Mary rushed to the hospital that day. Fortunately, when she arrived, the doctors had informed her that her mother was already stable. Her shoulders sagged in relief. She gazed at her mother's limp body through the glass window as a surge of warmth soared through her system.

"Miss Lu," the doctor beside her uttered, and she turned around.

"Dr. Cao, I can't thank you enough."

"There's no need. This is what we do." He smiled. "But there is a problem with your mother's medical fees. I don't want to urge you about this given your mother's state, but..."

"Dr. Cao, I understand. I'll pay the fees in three days," Mary said firmly, already making the decision in her heart.

After walking out of the hospital, Mary took out her phone and dialed William's number. "I promise to sign the papers. I just need the money first..." There was a pause before Mary nodded. "Thank you."

Mary had just sold herself to the devil.

She stopped, shaking her head at the memory. As soon as she looked up, she could see that William was still looking at her in his car.

Although he was already thirty, he was still pretty fit. In fact, he had assets worth around a hundred million dollars and he was also extremely handsome. Why would such a golden bachelor ask her to fake a marriage with him?

Seeing as he had already left, Mary pursed her lips and shook her head. There was no use to think about such details. She should just mind her own business.

The hospital was the last place she wanted to go to, but she arrived there again in hopes that her mother's condition had gotten better. She was hoping that her mother would wake up and see that her daughter had completed her dying wish.

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