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   Chapter 128 Shooting MV

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Somehow, Catherine took out her mobile phone and aimed it at the two people not far away. She quickly pressed the shooting button with her fingers, only to find that no one noticed her small action, and immediately put away her mobile phone.

Caught off guard, Muriel was held in William's arms. She pushed William away subconsciously.

William took a few steps back before he steadied himself. He was not angry, but still with a happy smile on his face. Seeing this, the director hurried forward and explained, "Muriel, don't mind. He doesn't mean anything else. He is just like this. He likes to hold people around him whenever he is happy."

Muriel looked at the staff around her and found that they were not surprised at all. Besides, when William held her just now, his hands were very well behaved, and he didn't seem to take advantage of her on purpose.

Muriel nodded with an understanding smile and said to William, "I'm really sorry, because I've practiced melee fighting for many years. As soon as others get close to me, my body will push them away reflexively, which has developed into a habit. I might have exerted too much strength just now. Are you okay? "

William's eyes lit up as if he had seen a treasure. He stared at Muriel, shook his head and said, "I'm fine. I'm fine."

Seeing that there was no conflict between the two sides, the director immediately said, "Muriel, please change your clothes and rehearse for a while. If there is no problem, we will try our best to start shooting today."


Catherine, who was sitting outside, saw that Muriel and William had talked something. Then a woman came over and took Muriel to somewhere else.

She didn't expect that William would be so bold and intimate in the filming site when she saw William hugging Muriel actively just now. She was Muriel's agent. Now that such a thing had happened, what would the people present think of Muriel and her?

Catherine looked around in shock, only to find that everyone was concentrating on their work. No one was whispering to each other and looking at her.

Catherine didn't expect that everyone was nonchalant. She began

"Kill!" The horseman ran towards the general with a long spear in his hand. The general rolled on the ground regardless of the wound on her back, and the long sword in her hand scratched the hooves of the horse.

The horse fell to the ground with a long howl, and the soldier on the back of the horse fell to the side of the general. Her wrist turned over the long sword in her hand and stabbed it down hard, and dark red blood spurted into the air.

"Cut!" The director shouted with satisfaction. He immediately played back the scenes. William also stared at the screen seriously and repeatedly watched the scene.

"Well, the female general played by Muriel is very powerful. It was a good scene to kill the enemy in the battlefield." Looking at the screen, the director happily nudged William beside him and said, "You have a good taste!"

William was also very satisfied. He raised his eyebrows proudly and looked at the director, "Of course, you know who picked her!"

The next scene was that the general was set up by his majesty and killed by the enemy's sword. The general was not as brave and battlewise as before. All her plans were broken through by the enemy. Smart as she was, she immediately understood what was going on.

Almost all the soldiers were killed in this battle. She was heartbroken to see her soldiers fall one by one. No matter how many wounds she had suffered, she was still fighting stubbornly.

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