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   Chapter 127 Muriel Was Hugged

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"The neighbors will be annoyed if I exercise at home early in the morning." Shaking her head, Muriel said, "Besides, when I went to the morning exercise, I only met some elders practicing Tai Chi. No one could recognize me. And I'm dressed like this. Even if someone knows me, he can't be sure whether I'm Muriel or not when he sees me. "

Catherine was about to lose her temper when her phone rang again. Catherine hurried back to the guest room. Seeing William's name on the screen, Catherine was so happy that she answered it in a soft voice, "Hello, I'm Catherine."

"Okay, okay. Muriel can join the crew as soon as possible. I know the address. We'll be there soon." After hanging up the phone, the smile on Catherine's face disappeared. She calmly walked up to Muriel and said, "William called. You should join the crew today. Hurry up and pack your clothes. We are going to the Film and Television Base now. "

"Okay." Muriel quickly packed up her things, and Catherine helped her carry the suitcase to the parking lot.

Catherine opened the trunk and put the suitcase in. Muriel stood aside and looked around. Suddenly, she saw Richard's car!

Muriel hurriedly turned her head to look at Catherine, who was still carrying her luggage and putting it in the trunk, and quickly stepped forward to cover Catherine's sight.

Richard, who was sitting in the car, also noticed this scene. He immediately said to the driver, "Hurry up!"

Without any doubt, the driver sped up. Confused, Victor turned to look at Richard and asked, "Boss, what's wrong?"


Catherine closed the trunk, and Richard's car turned a corner and went out of the underground parking lot. She didn't notice the shocking scene.

Muriel breathed a sigh of relief and followed Catherine to the Film and Television Base. On the way, Catherine kept telling Muriel how outstanding, talented and rich William was. Frowning, Muriel looked at the enthusiastic Catherine.

Catherine tidied up her


Muriel waved the sword casually to feel the weight of the sword, and then she turned around and kicked sideways with the sword in her right hand. The crowd immediately took a few steps back, fearing that Muriel would hurt them by accident.

Muriel threw her long sword into the air and rolled forward quickly. When the long sword was about to hit her, everyone screamed in surprise, including William.

Muriel kept a peaceful smile on her face. She leaned back, stepped on the ground with one foot, and lifted the other foot to catch the falling sword.

She lifted her foot and kicked the sword in front of her. She held the sword deftly and looked at William and the director calmly, "This sword is really good."

"Oh, my God! She is so handsome! "

"Wow, what an eye opener!"

The stunned people finally came to their senses. They clapped their hands excitedly and shouted.

William walked up to Muriel, grabbed Muriel's shoulders tightly and said happily, "Hahaha, this is the female general I want. She really fits the role!"

Without waiting for Muriel's response, William held her in his arms excitedly. Seeing this scene, Catherine, who was standing aside, stood up from her seat in a hurry.

'Does William like Muriel? Oh my God! What a good news!' Catherine thought happily in her heart.

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