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   Chapter 126 Exercise Hard

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Damn it! Richard put on her bathrobe and went upstairs!

"Muriel?" Catherine tilted her head in the bathroom and didn't hear any response from Muriel. She thought that Muriel didn't hear her, so she raised her voice and shouted again.

Muriel thought for a while and pretended to hear it, "What? Catherine, are you calling me? "

"Muriel, where is the bath towel in the bathroom? I remember there is a bath towel! " Catherine asked curiously.

"Oh, Catherine, when I took a shower a few days ago, I found a roach on the bath towel. I was so scared that I immediately threw the bath towel into the trash can. I didn't have time to buy it since I lost it that day. " Muriel lied without blinking.

Catherine glanced at the clothes thrown in the washing machine. The clothes were wet and the bath towel was gone. How could she go out now?

"Muriel, do you still have clean clothes? Give me one. "

"Okay, Catherine, wait for me." Muriel went back to the bedroom, opened the wardrobe and took a set of clean clothes. She walked to the bathroom door and knocked gently. When Catherine opened the door, she handed the clothes to her.

Seeing Catherine close the door, Muriel breathed a sigh of relief. Thinking of Richard's clothes that had been put under the cabinet, she could only pray that Catherine would not make any trouble to find the existence of the clothes.

Fortunately, Muriel's worries were unnecessary. Catherine didn't sleep last night. After taking a shower, she went to the guest room to sleep and slept until sunset.

At dinner time, Muriel went to wake Catherine up for dinner. Catherine picked up some food and continued to sleep.

Lying on the bed, Muriel tossed and turned, unable to fall asleep. It was the first time that she felt this bed was so big. Seeing the spacious bed, she felt empty in her heart.

Richard also tossed and turned upstairs. He seldom lived in this house since he bought it. He always lived with Muriel downstairs.

Thinking of the soft body of Muriel, Richard cursed Catherine in his heart. He kept thinking what Muriel was doi

utside, he excitedly pulled her into the room, lowered his head and kissed her.

When the door was opened and Muriel was about to pass the breakfast to him, she was suddenly held in a strong embrace and her unspoken words were drowned in a loving kiss. Muriel blushed and closed her eyes immediately.

It seemed that Richard didn't want to let go of her so easily. Muriel just felt that she couldn't breathe. With breakfast in her hands, she even raised her hand to push Richard away.

Feeling the struggle of the girl in his arms, Richard released Muriel.

"You should exercise hard." Looking at the breathless woman, Richard pinched her nose.

Hearing Richard's teasing, Muriel became angry from embarrassment. She threw the breakfast into his arms and slammed the door without looking back.

Muriel walked out of the exit passageway with breakfast in her hands, took out the key, opened the door and walked in.

Sitting on the sofa, Catherine looked at her with a long face and asked coldly, "Where have you been?"

Puzzled, Muriel raised the breakfast in her hand and said, "I didn't go anywhere. I stayed downstairs all the time. I went to buy breakfast after the morning exercise."

"Do you go downstairs for morning exercise like this every day? What if you are recognized? " Catherine said discontentedly, "I think I'd better buy you a treadmill to exercise at home."

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