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   Chapter 124 Feel Happy

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Muriel tried to get rid of the big hand on her waist, but Richard held her tightly and didn't let her get out of bed at all.

The breath from Richard's nose sprayed on her neck, which was so itchy that she could not help shrinking her neck.

"Muriel, sleep with me for a while." Richard murmured. It was not easy for him to enjoy the benefits.

"I can't fall asleep. Get up quickly." It was the first time that Muriel saw Richard acting like a spoiled child. She couldn't help but feel very funny. Thinking that Richard cared most about her stomach, Muriel rolled her eyes and said in a soft tone, "Richard, I have yet had breakfast. I have a stomachache."

"What?" Hearing this, Richard immediately sat up from the bed. Seeing that Muriel was pressing her stomach with one hand, he got out of bed first and went straight to the kitchen.

As expected, Richard cared about her health very much. Thinking of that drunk Richard who told her of his secret love, she couldn't help blushing.

Richard had been loving her since she was a child. It seemed that she didn't hate this feeling. On the contrary, she felt a little... Happy?

Muriel couldn't figure it out. When she went to the kitchen, she saw Richard washing rice and cooking with his head down.

If this scene was seen by outsiders, they would definitely be scared. The chairman of XR Group was so good at cooking. Richard looked like a man who didn't touch the kitchen at all. The contrast was really amazing.

Muriel walked to the dining room, stretching her muscles. After a while, Richard made a bowl of lean meat porridge and put it in front of Muriel. "It's a little hot. Blow it when you eat."

"Okay." Feeling warm in her heart, Muriel lowered her head and ate the porridge slowly.

Richard was also having breakfast. When he saw the bath towel on his body, he immediately wanted to tease her. He looked at Muriel blankly and asked, "Muriel, did you help me take a shower last night?"

"Ahem." Muriel was so shy that she lowered her head and didn't dare to look at Richard. She pu

r on the top micro-blog. She looked at the time and then looked at the upper left corner of the monitor. It did not match.

It had been several hours since the micro-blog was released when Sarah returned to her dormitory. If she stole Lisa's account and logged in to micro-blog, the IP address must be different.

Since Lisa heard that Catherine had asked someone to copy the surveillance video, she knew that she was doomed. She lowered her head and kept crying, regretting very much. If everything could be reversed, she would never be so impulsive.

But how could there be regret medicine in the world?

Catherine kicked Lisa out of Purple Cloud Media and held her accountable. Although the rumor has been stopped, there were still many people who thought that they were hyping.

Catherine had a sleepless night and had a splitting headache.

"Ring, ring, ring." Catherine answered the phone and said weakly, "Hello, I'm Catherine."

"What? what? You are Okay, okay. I'll check the e-mail and reply to you right now. Okay, thank you. " After hanging up the phone, the gloom on Catherine's face completely disappeared. She couldn't wait to log in to her mailbox and check an email.

The more Catherine saw it, the more excited he became. He immediately dialed back. Before the person on the other end of the line spoke, she said, "Hello, when will we meet?"

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