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   Chapter 63 Got The Wrong Person

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Leonard grabbed Muriel's shoulders excitedly, "Muriel, it's really you. Why did you leave the army? Why? "

Although Muriel still had short silver hair, she didn't wear makeup today, which made her less feminine but cool, so he recognized Muriel at a glance.

Richard looked at Leonard coldly and pushed him away with one hand. He raised his foot to stand in front of Muriel and said coldly, "Please be a gentleman. Don't touch her."

Left the army? Muriel's heart tightened. She looked up and down at the man standing in front of her. Since he knew that she had left the army, he must also be with the army. She kept recalling every face in her mind, but she still couldn't remember who the person in front of her was.

Obviously, Muriel didn't know the man. She asked in a low voice, "Who are you?"

Leonard didn't expect that Muriel had forgotten who he was. Feeling upset, he said, "It's me, Leonard. We met in the military exercise before. Have you forgotten?"

His surname was Zhou. It suddenly occurred to Muriel that when her grandfather asked her to go on a blind date, his surname seemed to be Zhou! Muriel's heart tightened, but there was no expression on her face. She shook her head and said, "I'm sorry. I don't know what military exercise. You've got the wrong person."

Leonard said anxiously, "How could it be possible! In the last contest of the military exercise, you eliminated all the members of our team. Do you remember that? I'm the leader of that group. I'm Leonard! Don't you remember that our two families are going to unite by marriage? "

"A marriage?" Richard asked coldly.

Hearing Richard's voice, Leonard looked up at him and saw the coldness in his eyes, which scared Leonard to take a step back.

Muriel walked out from behind Richard and stood beside Richard. She held Richard's arm and said, "I'm sorry. This is my boyfriend. I didn't participate in any military exercise, nor did I have a blind date with anyone else. Sir, you may have mistaken me for someone else. "

Hearing the mention of boyfriend, Richard was

at she was missing and couldn't be found? This should only be the same name and surname. "

"Who else can make your son absent-minded! I didn't agree with you to let him get married with the Mu Family. If Leonard marries a woman who is discharged from the army and becomes an actress in the entertainment circle. How can we keep our face? There are so many messy things in the entertainment circle. Think about it. Don't let her mislead Leonard. "

"Mom, don't say that." Leonard said discontentedly.

"I have eaten more salt than you. I know people very well. Don't you know who she is? How dare she look down upon our Zhou family? Why do you have to be so affectionate towards her? " Leonard's mother said earnestly, "I think Lora is a good girl. If you can marry Lora, I will be two hundred percent satisfied."

Leonard said irritably, "Mom, Lora is my sister. It's impossible for me to be with her."

"Hey, don't talk nonsense. I have never given birth to Lora. How can you call her sister? Lora is such a good girl. She is obedient and filial. Moreover, she is a top student of the Capital University. She deserves you so much. "

"Mom, stop making a match!" Leonard stood up impatiently and strode back to his room.

In the Mu family, Joseph picked up his crutch and knocked over everything on the tea table when he saw the woman with short silver hair on TV.

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