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   Chapter 62 To Verify

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Noticing the strange expression on Leonard's face, the woman sensed something was wrong and asked in a hurry, "Leonard, Is she the Muriel who is going to marry you? "

Leonard stared at the photo and said, "I... I'm not sure. She has changed too much in the photo, though the look is a little similar."

Leonard was browsing the posts about Sunny taking the hostage when he saw that someone posted that he had seen Muriel being enquired at the police station of the capital city.

Leonard returned the phone to the woman in a hurry. He looked up at the waitress not far away and said, "Waitress!"

"Sir, what can I do for you?" The waitress asked politely.

Leonard took out a few bank notes from his wallet and put them on the table. He pointed at the two cups of coffee in front of him and said, "Pay the bill."

"Leonard, you haven't finished your coffee yet. Why did you pay so soon?" The woman asked in confusion.

Leonard put on his suit jacket and said quickly, "Lora, I have something to deal with. Enjoy yourself. Take the change from the waiter."

Without waiting for Lora's reply, Leonard walked out of the cafe quickly.

"Hey, Leonard!" It was not easy for Lora to meet with Leonard on holiday. She asked him out for a cup of coffee, but this happened.

"Damn it! I shouldn't have showed him that photo! Humph! " Lora picked up her bag and followed him out quickly. However, as soon as she walked out of the cafe, she saw Leonard drive away.

"Ah! Damn it! Muriel is so annoying! " The woman was so angry that she stamped her feet on the floor!

In the police station of the capital city, Muriel finally finished an interview from the media. Catherine looked at Richard, who was waiting for Muriel patiently. She lowered her eyebrows and fell into deep thought.

Catherine walked up to Richard and asked, "I'm sorry to take up Mr. Xu's precious time. Can you send Muriel back to the film crew later? I have something to deal with in the company. "

Richard nodded, "Okay, I'll drive M

orm crew. I haven't heard that she has acted in other crews."

"Okay, thank you." After getting the answer he wanted, Leonard immediately drove away. He was eager to know whether Muriel in the photo was the one he knew or not.

At the film and television base of the capital city, Richard said softly, "Muriel, here we are."

Muriel opened her eyes and looked out of the window at the dark night. She rubbed her eyes in disbelief. Because of the systematic training in the army, she could only have a light sleep. When she was in the army, she often had an emergency gathering at midnight, so she couldn't sleep deeply.

Muriel hadn't had a good sleep for a long time. She didn't expect that she would fall asleep with Richard's help.

"Take care of yourself. I won't send you in, lest others think that I'm too close to you and bring you trouble."

Raising her eyebrows, Muriel smiled and said, "Okay, thank you. It's very hard for you to run up and down with me today. Hurry up and go back."

At this moment, a car sped over. Seeing that the other party was driving too fast, Richard hurriedly pulled Muriel behind him to protect her. The car braked sharply beside Richard's Bentley.

A man got out of the car quickly and walked to the side of Muriel and Richard. "Hello, may I know where the Storm crew is going? Eh, Muriel! "

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