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   Chapter 54 Missing Newspaper

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"Oh my God! The murderer is really Sunny! The most breaking news of the year! "

"It's so complicated. If you don't get along well with each other, you will kill people. I hope my dear Muriel will be fine."

Just now, some of Lindy's fans attacked Muriel in the comment area. Muriel's fans angrily stepped forward and argued with them. If Muriel hadn't saved Lindy at the critical moment, there might have been one more person lying on the hospital bed.

When Muriel was seriously injured, they didn't pray for her, but even cursed her on micro-blog, which really made her fans angry.

Now, Richard stood out to speak for Muriel, and his fans reposted this post for the sake of Muriel's reputation.

"Oh, Richard, my dream man, has followed Muriel's micro-blog!"

This comment immediately attracted everyone's attention. They saw that except for the official micro-blogs of his own companies, there was only Muriel's micro-blog being followed by him.

Many artists were curious about the charm of Muriel because Richard paid attention to her micro-blog and stood out to speak for her.

In front of the hard evidence, no matter how hard Sunny tried to defend herself, it was useless. She could only plead guilty in despair.

Public Security Of Capital City: "On September 24th, the police received the report that Muriel was shot at the film and television base of the capital city. The police quickly organized an investigation and confirmed that it was a murder case. After investigation, the police found that Miss Huang, 27 years old, from the capital, and Mr. Ma, 28 years old, from the capital, was suspected of a major crime. And on September 26th, they were arrested in the morning. After the first trial, Miss Huang admitted that she ordered Mr. Ma to kill Muriel (a 23 year old girl from the capital city ) out of jealousy. The details of the case were being further investigated.

"Miss Huang, a 27 year old girl. Sure enough, Sunny couldn't run away."

"Sunny is really crazy. She wanted to kill others just because she was jealous. I used to like her so much. It'

's wrong?"

She clicked on the micro-blog and showed it to her mother, "This popular female star is also called Muriel. I heard that Muriel was discharged from the army and disappeared a few days ago. Why couldn't grandpa Mu find her? Do you think she would go to be a star just to piss him off?"

"Really?" Her mother answered uncertainly, "Oh, no, how do you know that Muriel wanted to piss her grandfather off? Why did she do that? "

"Mom, you are so uninformed. The news has been spread all over the compound. " The girl pouted with disdain and said, "I heard that grandpa Mu forced Muriel to go on a blind date. She was so angry that she retired and disappeared. That's why I wonder if she would go to be a star just to piss grandpa Mu off. "

Her mother pushed her head with her finger and scolded with a smile, "It's impossible! Everyone thinks highly of Muriel. She has a high sense of honor and mission. I don't think she would do such a thing in a fit of pique. "

"Who knows? Don't judge a book by its cover." The girl lay down on the sofa and continued to play with her mobile phone. She sent the photo to her friends and they all said that they had never seen Muriel. They didn't know if it was her or not.

In the ward of People's Hospital, Richard turned to look at Victor and asked, "Have you dealt with the newspaper?"

"Yes." Victor pushed his glasses and said.

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