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   Chapter 50 Keep Silent

Charming Commando: Grow To Be The Best Actress By Gujian Qitan Characters: 7404

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The bodyguard looked into the ward and whispered what had just happened to Richard. Richard understood and nodded. He opened the door of the ward slowly and walked to Muriel's bed to continue to guard her.

He was usually busy with his work while Muriel had to stay in the shooting set all the time. They could only text or call each other every day, so he cherished the opportunity of being alone with her.

In the police station of capital city, the policeman on duty saw a tall man escorting a man in strange clothes in.

Max was held like a little bird by the bodyguards. Looking at the police in the police station, he kept crying. He knew that his life was over.

Confused, the policeman stepped forward and asked, "What's wrong?"

Victor, who followed the bodyguards, walked over and said to the policeman, "Hello, I'm Victor, Secretary of the Chairman of XR Group."

The policeman had gone to the hospital to learn some basic information about Muriel, so he recognized Victor at a glance. He pointed at the man whose hands were tied behind him and asked, "Who is this?"

Victor pushed his glasses and said, "According to our observation, it is obvious that someone deliberately wanted to kill Muriel, so our CEO arranged two bodyguards outside the ward. At about three o'clock in the early morning just now, the man sneaked to the door of Muriel's ward. The bodyguard walked up to him and asked him about it, but he ran away. The bodyguard felt something wrong and caught him up, and then this thing fell out of his arms. "

The policeman looked at the thing in Victor's hand and his heart jolted. He had been a policeman for so many years, and this kind of syringe was the most familiar to him.

The policeman said in a low voice, "It might be drugs."

Victor was a little stunned. Then he handed the syringe and Max to the police and said, "Please, I think he must have something to do with the shooting of Muriel."

After handing Max to the police, Victor asked the bodyguards to go back to the hospital on their own. He planned to wait for the interrogation results at the police station.

In the interrogation room, Max sat on the chair with his head down, making it difficult to see

oken up by the phone in the early morning. He picked up the phone and heard that the police had caught a suspicious person, but the police refused to speak and asked him to identify the person.

Director Quentin hurriedly got up from the bed, washed up, and then drove to the police station. Led by the police, he saw Max with a haggard face and strange clothes.

Director Quentin pointed at Max with his trembling fingers and asked, "Why are you here, Max?"

Max lowered his head sadly. He used to be a dutiful and good employee, but now he was controlled by Sunny. He had no choice but to let her do whatever she wanted. He was too ashamed to face Director Quentin.

The policeman looked at Director Quentin and asked, "Is this man of your crew?"

Director Quentin nodded, "Yes, Max works in our team. Did he do something on the stage props? "

As soon as he finished his words, Director Quentin was so excited that he wanted to rush over and beat him. He wanted to ask him what kind of conflict he had with Muriel. He was so vicious.

"Calm down, Director Quentin. There is no direct evidence to prove that Max did it. Don't worry." The policeman pulled Director Quentin back to comfort him.

The interrogation room was quiet again. The policeman asked, "Where did you get the drugs? Why did you take drugs to Muriel's ward in the middle of the night? Your fingerprints are all on the three props. At present, you are the most suspected. Do you understand? "

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