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   Chapter 41 The Traffic Police Led The Way

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Updated: 2020-06-30 00:02

"Pull over. There might be a traffic jam ahead. Let the traffic police lead us through." Victor turned to look at Richard, who was staring at Muriel.

Hearing this, the driver slammed on the brake and pulled over beside the traffic police. The police came over with a serious face and was about to ask why they ran the red light all the way. All the windows were rolled down. Victor said to the police anxiously, "Sir, I'm sorry for running the red light."

Pointing at Muriel, who was sitting on the back seat, Victor said, "Muriel was shot and is in a critical situation now. We have to send her to the hospital as soon as possible. The road ahead is usually jamed. Can you help dredge the road?"

Hearing this, the traffic police hurried to the window of the back seat and saw Richard's white shirt stained with blood and Muriel's pale face. The traffic police said to them in a hurry, "I'll inform the previous traffic police to unblock an emergency passage. You'd better hurry to the hospital."

"Thank you very much." Victor nodded and said to the driver, "Hurry up."

The traffic police immediately spread out Richard's special situation, and the traffic police rushed over from all directions to lead the way for Richard's car.

Max looked at the empty film set, swallowed at a loss, and sneaked into the bathroom to close the door.

"Sunny, Muriel was shot, but she didn't fall to death. Now everyone has saved her and sent her to the hospital. I don't know if Muriel can die." Max typed the words on the screen with his trembling fingers and clicked send.

Sunny kept walking back and forth in the room, her fingers rubbing the necklace. "Ding, Ding, Ding." The phone on the table rang. She was overjoyed and quickly walked over to pick up the phone.

Sunny's face changed when she read the message. "What's wrong with you? Didn't I tell you to do something on the bamboo pole? You didn't kill her after being shot?"

"I did something on the bamboo pole, but Director Quentin changed the script today and asked Lindy to step on it first, so Muriel didn't fall down. But she was still shot."

"Did Lindy fall down?" Sunny sent the message and asked.

"Lindy didn't fall down, but was caught by Muriel. Bu

that they were indeed in the hospital.

Richard had a lot of fans. Just now, they were speechless by the netizens, and now there was evidence that Richard had to run the red light. The fans began to repost this micro-blog, hoping not to destroy Richard's reputation.

"I knew Richard ran the red light because of an accident. It's true."

"Humph! Even if there is an accident, you can't run the red light. Everyone should abide by the traffic rules. You idiots make me sick."

"I hope you can calm down and wait for the traffic light when something happens to your family. Remember to obey the traffic rules." "Haha, it's so easy for you to say that. "

"There is no dispute about whether he broke the law or not. But the premise of breaking the law is that he has to rush to the hospital. It is indeed forgivable. My father was in a coma because of high blood pressure. I was so anxious. If it weren't for the traffic jam, I would have run the red light. "

At this time, the traffic police of the capital city also released a micro-blog post, "It is reported that Richard ran a red light. The traffic police team immediately went to intercept him. Knowing that Richard's friend was in danger, the police led the way and sent him to the hospital. Although it is excusable to cross the red light, traffic violation is a violation of the law. We have already criticized, educated and punished him. Welcome the netizens to actively report the violation of the traffic rules. "

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