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   Chapter 40 Ran Red Lights

Charming Commando: Grow To Be The Best Actress By Gujian Qitan Characters: 7152

Updated: 2020-06-29 00:02

Though Muriel bit on the tip of her tongue hard, her consciousness became weaker and weaker. She tried to open her eyes and look at Lindy hanging below.

"Hold my hand." "Okay, hurry up. Someone come to help me. "

Muriel and the man tried their best to pull Lindy up, and the other actors next to them also stretched out their hands to grab Lindy's shoulder and lifted her up. "Okay, come on, come on, we are coming up."

"Here you are. Okay." The crowd clapped their hands cheerfully when they saw the shocking scene.

Tears welled up in Lindy's eyes. She was still standing on a firm bamboo pole, her heart beating fast.

Seeing that Lindy was safe and sound, Muriel breathed a sigh of relief. She could no longer hold on to the bamboo pole, and as soon as her slender fingers loosened, she fell down freely.

"Ah!" This sudden situation scared the still frightened Lindy to scream. She stretched out her hand to grab Muriel, but it was too late.

"Oh my God!" The people downstairs screamed out of fear.

"Muriel." Not knowing when, Richard, who had climbed up the bamboo pole, quickly grabbed Muriel's wrist.

"Mr. Xu, you..." The other actors wanted to ask Richard to wait for their help. Unexpectedly, Richard grabbed the railing with one hand and held Muriel in his arms with the other. He moved quickly to the wall and entered the building with a flip.

Seeing that Richard had saved Muriel, the actors swallowed their words. Lindy, whose legs were weak, slowly climbed back to the building.

Lydia ran up breathlessly and saw Muriel covered in blood. She cried, "What should we do? There is so much blood. Is Muriel..."

"Shut up!" Richard glared at Lydia and said coldly, "Don't cry. Get out of my way."

Richard held Muriel up, bypassed Lydia and ran downstairs quickly. Feeling the warm blood on his hand, his heart was getting colder and colder.

'No, Muriel, you can't be hurt! Muriel, hold on. We'll be there soon.'

"Mr. Xu..." When the people downstairs saw that Richard took Muriel out, they wanted to check her in a hurry.

Looking at the blocked road ahead, Richard roared angrily, "Fuck off!

all. His driver ran the red light by himself. Besides, maybe he ran the red light because of something urgent. "

"Ha ha, you must be bribed by him. Don't try to wash his dirty hands for him. I used to think that Richard was very handsome, but now I'm really disgusted with this news. "

"@ Traffic Police Of The Capital City."

"Is Richard your father or mother? Do your parents know how crazily you adore Richard? Ha ha. "

"I will report it to the police and see if they will deal with it or not."

"You can withdraw it. He is a big tax earner. He can suppress the news with a little money. He is just more privileged than us losers."

This micro-blog post was quickly reposted crazily by netizens. They kept complaining in the comment area.

The officer of traffic police in the capital city saw so many netizens @ the official account. He hurriedly contacted the traffic police in the nearby road and reported the situation to them.

Several traffic police received the order and quickly rode on their patrol motorbikes to catch up. The traffic police guarding at the front intersection listened to the report of their colleagues and knew that Richard's car was about to come up. He glanced at the fast driving Bentley, and the traffic police waved the stick in his hand to hint Richard to stop his car.

The driver saw the traffic police's hint and asked hastily, "Mr. Xu, do you want to stop the car?"

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