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   Chapter 39 An Accident

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But when they were about to go from the fifth floor to the fourth floor, Tessa broke a bamboo pole and almost fell down from the fourth floor. Ms. Leopard reacted quickly and grabbed her hand. As soon as Tessa steadied herself with her feet hooked by the bamboo pole beside her, the man who chased after them immediately shot Ms. Leopard in the abdomen.

Seeing that Tessa had stood firm, Ms. Leopard pulled out her pistol from her waist and shot the man's head. Covering the wound in her belly, she climbed to the fourth floor with Tessa. They ran to the west of the fourth floor and climbed to the ground quickly from the bamboo pole there.

Muriel and Lindy were standing on the top floor, rehearsing the lines with each other. Max was tying the wire for Lindy, and another man was putting a cushion under Muriel's clothes. There was a pigment bag on the cushion. When Ms. Leopard was shot, the bag of paint would be broken, and then the bloody scene of being shot would be shot.

As soon as the paint bag was ready, Max standing next to Muriel immediately went up to tie up the wire for her. Seeing the scratch on his hand, Muriel pretended to be surprised and grabbed his arm and asked, "Oh my God, what's wrong with your hand?"

Max was so nervous that he wanted to withdraw his hand immediately. But when he thought that if he reacted too violently, it would make everyone suspect him, so he could only restrain his violent heartbeat and explain, "It's bitten by mosquitoes."

Lindy looked at Muriel strangely and then looked at Max's arm. "Mosquitoes here are so horrible. It seems that I have to apply more mosquito repellent."

Muriel loosened her grip on Max. Seeing that Muriel and Lindy didn't say anything, Max let out a sigh of relief and continued to tie up the wire for Muriel.

The script covered Muriel's face, and no one saw the coldness in her eyes. When she grabbed Max's arm, she saw the obvious needle hole on it. Judging from the expression on his face, he was obviously a drug addict.

Muriel and Lindy were ready. Suddenly, there was a commotion outside the film set. Di

e rules, the pistol should be a fake one. At that time, the pigment bag should be broken, but now she was really shot. The bamboo pole, which had only been marked before, was broken with a single step.

Obviously, the murderer was well prepared. Muriel didn't dare to let her hand go. She was worried that there was something wrong with the wire. If she let her hand go, Lindy would fall from the fourth floor, dead or disabled.

Lindy was so frightened that she burst into tears. "Pull us up. Muriel was shot. She bled a lot."

As soon as Richard heard that Muriel was shot, he rushed to the building in a hurry.

The people on the ground were shocked when they heard Lindy's words. Director Quentin hurriedly shouted to the crew, "Hurry up and pull Muriel and Lindy up."

"Damn it! The wire is broken and can't be pulled up."

"Damn it!" Director Quentin cursed angrily.

"Ah!" In a daze, Muriel's hand slipped. But she immediately came to her senses and held the railing tightly again. The hanging bodies of her and Lindy in the air frightened the people on the ground and screamed.

Lindy's heart beat fast when she saw Muriel holding her hand tightly. If Muriel didn't catch her, she would fall to death. Looking at Muriel's pale face, she burst into tears.

A man ran from the top floor to the fourth floor, climbed to the bamboo pole in a hurry. He reached out his hand to Lindy.

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