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   Chapter 37 Schemes

Charming Commando: Grow To Be The Best Actress By Gujian Qitan Characters: 6706

Updated: 2020-06-26 00:02

Frightened, Max slipped to a corner where no one was around and hurriedly called back, "Hello, Sunny."

"Why did you hang up just now?" Sunny asked nervously.

"I met Lindy's assistant on the phone just now. I was afraid that she might notice something, so I hung up the phone." Max explained.

"You are such a fool. You hung up the phone as soon as you saw her? You are so stupid!" Sunny cursed in disappointment.

Max was so nervous that he grabbed the hem of his clothes and asked, "Then, what should I do, Sunny?"

"Have you finished what I asked you to do?"

"Everything is ready."

"Then what you should do now is to go back and have a good sleep. The next thing depends on you." Looking at the front page of Muriel's micro-blog, Sunny was so excited that she couldn't fall asleep at the thought of what was going to happen.

Max felt itchy on his scalp. He scratched hard and said, "Sunny, do you still have goods? I want it again. "

Damn it! Sunny cursed in her heart, 'Max used to take one pack every three days, but now it has become one pack each day. Now all my goods have been used up by him.'

Sunny comforted him, "Max, take a hot bath and relax yourself. You are too nervous now. Everything is ready, isn't it? What are you worried about? Have a good sleep. I'll give you the goods for a month after it's done. "

"Okay, okay. I'm going to bed now," Max said excitedly.

After hanging up the phone, Sunny rubbed her temples wearily and drove to the address sent by CEO Wang with sunglasses in the evening.

When Yumi returned to her room, Lindy was taking a shower in the bathroom. She stood outside the door and shouted, "Lindy, I've searched everywhere, but I haven't found your bracelet."

"I found it. It's on my bedside table. I took it off yesterday and forgot to bring the bracelet with me. I thought I lost it. I called you to ask you to come back. Why didn't you answer the phone? " Lindy shouted in the bathroom.

As soon as Yumi took out her phone from


Muriel clicked to reply, "Oh, monkey?"

Then she replied to another fan's comment, "Thank you for your support."

When the fans saw her quick reply, they became even more enthusiastic.

"I can't believe my eyes."

"Oh my God! My husband has replied to my comment. She is so cute!"! "She didn't know what it meant to have a monkey! How adorable she was!"

"Oh my God, she has also replied to my comment."

"Why didn't you reply to my comment?"

"Ah, I envy the other fans. I'll give birth to a monkey for you too."

The four used to be the oldest people in Muriel's fan group, and many fans also paid attention to them. Now that they knew that they had been replied by Muriel, they were so excited that they shouted under Muriel's micro-blog that they wanted to have a monkey for her.

This hot topic quickly became the most popular topic on micro-bog. Many passers-by saw this topic when they were browsing micro-blog. They clicked in and were quickly attracted by the photos of Muriel, and many people turned to fans.

Sunny, who had been paying attention to Muriel's micro-blog, saw that the number of Muriel's fans had exceeded two million. She took a look at CEO Wang, who was holding her in his arms and sleeping soundly, and held her phone tightly in anger.

"Well, I'll let you be proud for a while."

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