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   Chapter 35 Variety Show

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"Muriel and Lindy did a good job. I'll take a few more feature shots for you two respectively." Director Quentin praised their performance complacently.

Lindy had only seen the acting skills of Muriel as a substitute before. So she could not tell whether Muriel's acting skills were good or not.

It was the first time that she acted with Muriel today. She found that though Muriel's acting skills were not as good as some elder actress, but not a little better than the popular young artists in the entertainment circle recently.

"I failed several actions and caused you to be knocked down by the gangsters several more times just now. Are you all right?" The air was a little stuffy. Muriel handed portable fan to Lindy.

Lindy didn't resist Muriel as much as before. She pouted and said, "I'm fine."

Max was carrying a box of stage props to the warehouse. He leaned against the box and kept yawning.

Seeing his expression, a staff member beside him asked in confusion, "What did you do last night? You have been yawning in the daytime. You don't look energetic at all during working hours. You seem to be about to fall asleep. "

"Max. Are you not feeling well? You don't look good. "

Hearing this, Max's eyes flickered and he felt uneasy. He shook his head and said, "I'm fine. I ate something wrong yesterday and had a stomachache."

Since Max was set up by Sunny, his appetite became worse and worse these days. Sometimes his limbs were weak or sore. After dinner, he felt sick and wanted to vomit. Once his drug addiction took effect, his skin would itch all over his body. Now he began to feel that there were ants crawling on his body.

Thinking of what Sunny had told him to do, he looked around and quietly locked the door of the warehouse.

In the XR Group, "Mr. Xu, this is the plan of the variety show." Secretary Chen put a stack of documents in front of Richard.

Richard read the plan carefully. It was a variety show called The Paradise.

"The Paradise?" This ordinary name made Richard frown. If this was the idea of Star Culture that he had just acquired, he would doubt

party will be held at eight o'clock tonight. Would you like to attend it?" Victor picked up the iPad and checked the schedule.

After thinking for a while, Richard nodded and said, "Go and pick up a bottle of good wine as a gift."


At the dinner party, as soon as Richard entered the hall, he immediately attracted the attention of all the young ladies. The timid ones peeked at him in private, and the bold ones looked him up and down without scruple.

"Happy birthday, Mr. Sun." Richard walked up to shake hands with Mr. Sun. He winked at David, and he handed the packaged red wine to Mr. Sun's subordinate.

"Mr. Xu, it's my great honor to have you here. What gift do you bring?" Mr. Sun said happily.

The two drank and chatted for a while. Richard went to the bathroom. When he came back to the hall, he didn't know why the beautiful woman next to him suddenly stumbled and fell into his arms.

The beauty blushed and got out of Richard's arms. She kept apologizing and walked away with her head down.

"Bitch, how dare you play this trick!" Many beautiful women around saw this and cursed in a low voice, gritting their teeth.

With a smile on his face, Richard raised his eyebrows and walked slowly towards the beauty who had just thrown herself into his arms. The beauty looked at Richard who was approaching. Her face was as red as blood, and her breath suddenly quickened.

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