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   Chapter 34 Sow Discord

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With a bottle of yogurt in her hand, Lindy's assistant walked to Muriel shyly. She put the yogurt on the dressing table, blushed and said, "This is the yogurt for you. It can replenish your energy."

Muriel smiled, "Thank you. I'll drink it after I fix my makeup."

Seeing that Muriel accepted the yogurt happily, she nodded with pleasure and ran out.

Muriel was amused by Lindy and her assistant.

After giving the yogurt to Muriel, Yumi came back and sat next to Lindy. Seeing that Yumi had nothing in her hands, she asked, "Where is the yogurt? Did you drink it? "

"No, I didn't drink it. I, I gave it to Muriel." After a short pause, Yumi didn't hide anything from Lindy.

Lindy poked her head with her finger and said discontentedly, "Why did you give it to her?"

"Well, Muriel had just finished a few shootings and was tired. So I gave her a bottle of yogurt to relax in case she make you suffer from NG later."

Hearing this explanation, Lindy let her go.

After putting on makeup, Muriel took the straw and was about to drink the yogurt. Catherine came over and grabbed the yogurt from Muriel's hand. "Did Lydia buy it?"

Lydia shook her hands and said, "No, I didn't. I didn't buy anything today."

"Who gave it to you?" Catherine stared at Muriel sharply.

Muriel didn't understand why Catherine was so sensitive all of a sudden. She told her the truth, "It was given to me by Lindy's assistant. What's wrong?"

Catherine handed the yogurt to Lydia and ordered coldly, "Lydia, throw it into the trash can."

"What? Okay. " Lydia took the yogurt and was about to leave.

Frowning, Muriel stopped Lydia, "Wait, what's wrong? Why did you throw it away? "

"You'd better not eat anything that others give you. The entertainment circle is not as good as you think. What seems like the most harmless thing is the most dangerous thing. I have been in the entertainment industry for so many years, and have seen all sorts of despicable means.

up the man's hands. When she had the time size Ms. Leopard up, her first impression of her was not very good.But after all, she had owed her a favor, so she said gratefully, "Thank you for helping me catch him. What's your name? I'll buy you a cup of milk tea later. "

Seeing that Tessa couldn't recognize her at all, Ms. Leopard was a little disappointed and relieved. She lowered her eyebrows.

"Um... What are you thinking about? " Tessa waved her hand in front of Ms. Leopard's eyes.

Ms. Leopard came back to her senses and chuckled. She turned around and left without saying anything.

"Hello, what's your name?"

Ms. Leopard stopped. She didn't turn around, and her eyes began to turn red. She tried to be cold and said, "I'm Ms. Leopard." Then she strode away.

"What? Is that Ms. Leopard? That mysterious Ms. Leopard? Ah! How could it be possible? " Tessa didn't expect that the person who saved her just now was a very popular gangster in the city recently. It was said that this person was ruthless and evil, but she did everything perfectly. The police couldn't find any evidence so that she escaped several times.

If she had known that the woman was Ms. Leopard, she should have handcuffed her as soon as possible. Tessa stamped her feet remorsefully.

"Cut." Director Quentin ordered.

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