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   Chapter 33 Drag Her Into The Mire

Charming Commando: Grow To Be The Best Actress By Gujian Qitan Characters: 6723

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Sunny washed the despising smell off her body in the bathroom. She glanced at CEO Wang, who was sleeping soundly on the bed, took a few small bags from the table and put them in her bag. Then she set out to the address sent by Lee.

In the private room, Lee's phone vibrated. He took out his phone and saw Sunny calling. He grinned excitedly.

Max drank the liquor in one gulp, shook his dizzy head and asked curiously, "Who's on the phone? Why are you so happy? "

Lee was a little embarrassed. He looked at Max strangely and said, "I have to answer a phone outside and will be back soon."

"Go ahead." Max waved his hand indifferently.

Lee looked at Max with a complicated expression. The drunk Max didn't find anything unusual about Lee. Lee turned around and picked up the phone. "Where are you, Sunny?"

As soon as he finished his words, a woman beside him threw herself into his arms. Before he could push the woman away, she raised her head and kissed him. Seeing that the person in his arms was Sunny, Lee opened his mouth in surprise. Sunny took the opportunity to feed Lee the pills in her mouth.

Lee knew what it was as soon as he bit it. His eyes lit up with joy.

Sunny moved her red lips and quickly put a bag into Lee's pocket. She patted Lee on the buttock and smiled, "Where is he?"

"In the room." Lee said excitedly as he got what he wanted.

Sunny waved at Lee and said, "Bye."

"Bye." Lee hurried home as soon as he got the drug.

Sunny went into the box and closed the door. She wore a heavy makeup. The drunk Max only saw a beautiful woman sitting next to him and didn't recognize that she was Sunny.

"Hey, beauty, are you in the wrong room?"

"Handsome boy, why are you drinking alone? It's so lonely to be alone. Do you want me to drink with you? " Sunny said in a soft voice. She took out a cigarette from her bag, lit it and handed it to Max.

Max took the cigarette and took a puff. He choked and coughed. "What kind of cigarette are you smoking? It smells

been on the headlines for a few days. She cursed disdainfully, "Loser."

Catherine turned to look at Muriel on shooting. The martial arts instructor and Director Quentin saw that Muriel had finished another perfect martial arts action, and they applauded happily.

Director Quentin noticed that Lindy had come to the set. He pointed at Muriel and said, "I will let Muriel have a rest and later you two will be shot together."

Lindy nodded to show her understanding.

Lindy's parts hadn't been revised much, so there was little left to shoot.

Looking at Muriel who was fixing her make-up, Lindy bit down on the lip and hesitated for a while before she walked up to Muriel.

Muriel saw from the mirror that Lindy was standing next to her.

She blinked and said, "Hello."

Lindy wanted to say something but hesitated. After thinking for a while, she said, "Behave yourself. I don't want to be embarrassed by you!" Then she snorted and turned away.

The make-up artist was embarrassed when she heard these words. She comforted Muriel nervously, "She has no malice. Don't think too much about it. She was born as a child star, and her acting skill is very good after years of training. She might..."

"It's okay. I don't think too much." Thinking of Lindy's unpleasant expression just now, Muriel thought she was quite cute.

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