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   Chapter 31 Fight In The Ward

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Updated: 2020-06-20 00:02

Lying on the bed and watching the news on TV, Sunny was so angry that she threw the iodine and alcohol bottles in the nurse's treatment car to the ground.

"Hey, hey, what are you doing?" The nurse looked at her angrily. When she was changing the infusion for Sunny, the iodine bottle fell to the ground and was broken and scattered all over the floor. Fortunately, she was so lucky that she was almost scratched by the broken glass.

Sunny] ignored the nurse's questioning. She glared at the TV, as if she wanted to poke a hole in it.

The nurse cleared up the glass fragments and pushed the treatment car out of the ward. After closing the door, she cursed in a low voice, "What's wrong with her?"

"Sunny." Sunny's assistant sneaked into the ward after she looked around and found no one was looking at her.

Hearing the familiar voice, Sunny came to her senses. She looked at her assistant sadly and asked, "Why didn't you come to the detention center to pick me up just now? Do you know that I've been blocked by those stupid reporters! How on earth do you work as an assistant? "

Sunny scolded the assistant with a crackling sound. The assistant's words were choked in her throat, and her aggrieved expression stiffened.

"I just heard a report mention of my fake falling. What happened? Has the truth been known? " Sunny stared at the assistant in surprise.

The assistant looked at Sunny's resentful eyes, nodded nervously and took a step back slowly.

Sunny quickly took out her mobile phone and searched her name on Baidu. With her trembling fingers, she clicked the link of the news one after another. Looking at the videos on micro-blog and the curses from netizens in the comment area, her face became gloomier.

"What the hell is going on? How did the company's public relations team do their work? Now the Internet is full of abusive words. " Holding the phone tightly, Sunny bit her lips and questioned the assistant.

'The company has already declared to terminate the contract with you.' The assistant replied in her heart. Sunny's expression was so fierce that she didn't dare to answer.

"Where is Catherine? I came out of the detention center. Why didn't I see her? " Sunny roared. In the past, she

e something wrong and is exposed, just vent her anger on her assistant. Maybe."

As soon as she was released, Sunny, who had been trampled, immediately entered the top ten of the hot search list. Now, there was a hospital fight, and she was immediately ranked first on the hot search list by netizens.

In the police station of the capital city, the police looked at Sunny who was in a mess with a haggard face and frowned. "What's the relationship between you and the victim?"

"It's my assistant."

The policeman asked while making a inquiry record, "Why did you hit her?"

"Because she framed me, she put the surveillance video and recording on micro-blog and made everyone hate me." At the thought of this, Sunny wished she could tear her assistant apart.

Looking at Sunny]'s resentful expression, the policeman frowned and asked coldly, "Frame you? Do you want to say that the surveillance video and recording online are fake? Huh? "

"I... Those. " Sunny was speechless and didn't know how to answer the police's question.

The policeman snorted, "According to the forty-third term of the law of public security management, anyone who beats a person or intentionally hurts a person shall be detained for five to ten days and fined more than two hundred to five hundred yuan. If the case is not serious, the person will be detained for less than five days or fined for less than five hundred yuan. "

Sunny, who had just come out of the detention center, went in again.

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