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   Chapter 11 Living Together

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The waiter hurried up to stop the rioting man and persuaded, "Sir, please calm down."

"Calm fucking down, piss off!" The man pushed the waiter away and shouted, "This restaurant is owned by my father. Who do you think you are? How dare you tell me what to do?"

After saying that, the man picked up a bottle of wine beside him and was about to pour it on Muriel and others. As soon as he raised his hand, the bottle in his hand was taken away from behind.

"Damn it! Who the hell dares to grab my things. The man turned to look at the person angrily.

A tall and strong man in a black suit was standing behind him. His sunglasses made it hard to see his face, but his perfect edges, straight long legs and sexy thin lips could make thousands of girls go crazy for him.

This man gave her a strong sense of oppression.

The drunken man was frightened by the man's imposing manner. Before he could come to his senses, the man standing next to him slapped the man on the head. "It's me! Your daddy! You little jerk!"

The owner of the restaurant stared at his son with hatred.

Seeing the wine stains on Richard's shoes, the boss of the restaurant thought in mind, "It might be very bad to offend Richard. "Mr. Richard, I'm really sorry for what happened. My friend is drunk. I apologize for him." The owner of the restaurant stepped forward and said flatteringly.

"Just apologize to me?" Richard snorted.

The owner was stunned for a moment and quickly reacted. He turned around and apologized to Muriel and the others, "I'm very sorry for what happened. We'll free all the expenses of you in the restaurant tonight. This is a 50% discount coupon. I hope you can enjoy our good service next time at the dinner party."

"Are you okay?" Walter asked Muriel.

Muriel smiled, "Never mind."

"Fine. We didn't get hurt anyway." Walter was annoyed by such a thing at the wrap party.

When the rioter saw that the matter was almost solved and was about to go to the bathroom, Richard stopped his way and sneered, "That's all?"

Hearing this, the man stopped while the boss asked obsequiously, "Err... What can I do for you, Mr. Richard?"

"You haven't apologized to this lady yet!"

The boss wanted to say that he had already apologized just now, but he thought for a while and decided to say it again, "Sorry..."

"I'm not asking you to say it. I'm asking him to say it." Richard pointed at the drunken man with his slender and powerful fingers.

The boss pulled the man's ear and pulled him in front of Muriel. "You are so impolite. Come and apologize."

The man reluctantly lowered his head and said, "I'm sorry."

"What's up? Why are you standing outside? " Hudson asked in confusion. He was about to go to the bathroom, when he saw Muriel and the others standing outside the box.

Walter came forward and told Director Hudson what had happened. When Director Hudson saw the imposing Richard, he walked up in a hurry and said with a smile, "Mr. Richard, I've heard a lot about you."

Hudson pulled Muriel over and said, "Muriel, you should appreciate him."

"Who is this?" Muriel asked cautiously.

"This is Richard, the CEO of XR Group, You can call him Mr. Richard." Hudson introduced.

Muriel said gratefully, "Thank you so much, Mr. Richard."

Standing behind Richard, Secretary Victor looked at Muriel in surprise and then at his boss.

Richard smiled and ignored Muriel, "Director Hudson, I have something else to do. Let's have a gathering some other day. I'm interested in TV series


"Okay, let's talk some other time." Director Hudson said with a bright smile.

After taking a deep look at Muriel, Richard turned around and left.

Everyone wanted to persuade Muriel to come back for a drink. But Director Hudson thought of what had just happened, he asked Muriel to leave and go back to the company's dormitory.

When Richard returned home, the moonlight shone into the dark living room through the window, and he saw a black figure sitting on the sofa.

Richard's eyes turned into vigilant. He untied his tie slowly and asked coldly, "Who is it?"

"Long time no see, Mr. Richard." The woman on the sofa said.

Hearing the familiar voice, Richard immediately pressed the switch, and the chandelier on the ceiling lit up the whole living room.

It was Muriel! Her big black eyes were as dark as the sea of waves when she gazed, and there was no drunkenness on her face.

Richard became ecstatically happy. He strode forward and sat on the sofa. "Muri, you pretended not to know me just now. I'm so heart-broken."

"Thank you for your cooperation. I'm here to ask you a question." Muriel smelled the alcohol from Richard. Looking at his burning eyes, she suddenly blushed.

Richard raised his eyebrows and asked, "What's the problem?"

"Was that you who exposed the surveillance video on the shooting site?"

"Yes, it's me." Richard couldn't help laughing. Then he got close to Muriel and played with Muriel's earlobe. "How are you going to repay me?"

Muriel moved away Richard's disturbing hand and said, "Thank you, but I hope you can still pretend that we don't know each other in public from now on."

"A mission?" Richard stopped laughing and looked at Muriel seriously.

Muriel thought for a moment and nodded, "Yes."

"I'll help you. How do you reward me?" Richard whispered in Muriel's ear.

Muriel frowned and looked at Richard in confusion, "I'm not a deaf. You don't have to talk to me so close."

Richard stood up, took a bottle of juice from the fridge, twisted the bottle cap and handed it to Muriel.

"Thank you." Muriel took the juice and put it aside.

Seeing what Muriel was doing, Richard felt a little disappointed and said, "You're welcome."

"How do you want me to reward you?" Muriel really didn't know how to repay him.

Looking at the confused look on Muriel's face, Richard's heart skipped a beat. "How about living with me?"

"Live with you?"

"Yes." Richard was a little nervous. Since he was so straightforward, Muriel should understand what he meant.

Muriel looked at him in confusion, "You even don't have any bodyguards?"

"What?! Richard didn't know what it had to do with the bodyguards. He shook his head and said, "Right, I have none."

"I'm living in Purple Cloud's dormitory now. I can't move out. So I can't protect you." Muriel said seriously.

Richard asked, "What?! What do you mean? I can't understand?"

"When you go to the company for social activities in the daytime, you will be accompanied by the driver and assistant. There are many people and many eyes. The killers don't dare to do anything in the daylight. But when it comes to night, things are different. It's really dangerous to stay at home alone. It's reasonable that you worried about your safety. " Muriel patted on Richard's arm to comfort his worries.

Uh... Fine, Muriel's reaction was so in his expectation, Richard chuckled and sighed, "Well, forget it. Keep this reward for now. I will ask for it later when I have thought of it. "

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