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   Chapter 10 Meeting Roommate For The First Time

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Muriel followed Catherine into the dormitory. The wall was painted with light purple paint, and some fake vines fell from the ceiling. The decoration of the whole dormitory presented a fresh and natural style, making people feel incomparably comfortable both in physical and mental.

There were two women sitting in the living room of the dormitory. When they saw Catherine open the door and come in, they immediately stood up and bowed to Catherine with respect. "Ms. Catherine."

Catherine nodded slightly, introduced the two women to Muriel, "They are your roommates. You will live with them for the next period of time. It is said that wherever there are women, there will be a battlefield. I hope you can get along well with each other. Don't make so many troubles for me."

Seeing that Muriel nodded her head, Catherine continued, "If you don't want to live with them, you have to work hard. It depends on how fast you can become popular and then you will be arranged to different levels of dormitory according to how popular you can be. If you need to go out, you must let me know, no matter what happens. "

"Okay, I see. Ms. Catherine, tonight, we're going to have a party held by Director Hudson as the play was wrapped. So I'm telling you in advance. "

Catherine looked at his watch and said wearily, "I have something to deal with tonight, so I can't go with you. Try not to drink or drink a little at the wrap party. Come back early and take care of yourself."

"Okay, Ms. Catherine, I will try not to drink and come back early." Muriel said calmly, with a confident and innocent smile on her face.

Catherine not only worked for Muriel, but also other stars. After she arranged Muriel's dormitory, she left immediately.

Muriel turned to her two roommates and said with a smile, "Hello, I'm Muriel. May I know which one is my room?"

When Catherine left, the two roommates immediately crossed their legs and played on their mobile phones, as if they didn't hear Muriel's question.

The atmosphere suddenly became awkward. Seeing that the two did not respond to her, Muriel carried her luggage to the door of a room which she guessed it would be empty, glanced at the handle, and then opened it.

The two women sitting in the living room exchanged a short glance. They had planned to ignore Muriel on purpose. Then they could scold Muriel and make things difficult for her when she opened their own rooms. Unexpectedly, Muriel opened the right room at the very beginning.

Muriel put her luggage in the room, wiped the furniture roughly with a duster cloth, locked the door, and set off for the restaurant booked by Director Hudson.

At the wrap party, when Muriel arrived, many people had already started drinking.

"Wow, Muriel is here. Come on, fill the glass with wine." The producer put the empty glass in front of Muriel and motioned the crew aside to pour the wine.

Looking at the full glass of liquor, Muriel frowned awkwardly and said, "Well, err... I get drunk easily, I can't drink."

"Well, the wrap party is for fun. You can drink it a few more times." The producer advised.

Many people came to propose a toast to Director Hudson. He drank a lot and saw what happened on Muriel. Director Hudson poured two glasses of Sprite, one for himself and one for Muriel. He laughed and said, "Stop stumping Muriel. Thanks to her these days. Otherwise, as Sunny made such a big trouble, it would have been difficult for our crew to complete the shooting scheduled before. But look, we have Mur

iel helped us out. "

"Let's drink a toast with Sprite, ha ha." Director Hudson clinked a glass of Sprite with Muriel.

Muriel knew that Hudson was trying to get her out of trouble. She nodded gratefully to him and drank up the Sprite in her glass.

"No, no, no. Sprite doesn't count! Come and have a drink tonight. " Other actors echoed.

"Ha ha, Mr. Wang, you said you won't return until you get drunk. Be careful that you will become a joke."

"Stop it! A dog's mouth emits no ivory."

They began to play around while drinking.

When the other actors got so drunk, they also ran to Muriel with wine bottles and said, "Muriel, come here to drink. I'll fill it for you."

"I really can't drink. I can get drunk so easily. If my agent knows that I'm drunk, she will scold me to death." Muriel waved her hand, indicating that she really didn't want to drink it.

"You need to drink a little at least. How can you don't drink at all. Hey, Muriel, you might make Producer Lin feel embarrassed, don't you Mr. Lin? "

The producer agreed, "Right, I don't want you to get drunk. Just drink a little. Just for my sake."

The producer put the glass close to Muriel's lips. Muriel took the glass with a frown after taking a look at Director Hudson who was surrounded by the crowd.

"That's right. How can you not drink when you are in the entertainment circle? You can be better the next time. Now you should take it as a practice in advance. Let's cheers. " The producer picked up his glass happily.

Embarrassed, Muriel clinked glasses with the producer. The producer drank up the liquor in one gulp, looked up at Muriel and raised his eyebrows to hint at her to drink it.

Muriel took a deep breath and took a sip as if she had made up her mind.

The spicy taste filled her whole taste bud. Muriel put down the glass, picked up the water on the table and gulped it down.

Seeing Muriel's shy look, the producer and some actors applauded.

"Come on, keep drinking."

"Yes, it's just a little sip. Let's have another one."

Leaning against the chair, Muriel squinted her eyes and said, "I can't drink anymore. I feel dizzy."

Muriel stood up and said apologetically, "I feel dizzy now. It's late. I'll go back first."

"Hey, it's only eleven o'clock. It's not late at all. Mr. Zhang, pull her back."

As soon as Muriel walked out of the box, she was stopped by Mr. Zhang. "Muriel, don't go. Everyone is drinking happily. How disappointing it is for you to leave now."

"I feel dizzy now. I really can't drink. If I go back late, I will be scolded to death by my agent." Muriel got rid of Mr. Zhang's hand and stepped back a few steps, accidentally stepping on a man's shoes.

"Ah! Damn it! Do you want to trample me to death? " Someone cursed from her back.

"Sorry, I'm really sorry."

"Compensate for me, damn shit!" The drunk man looked at Muriel and said with an evil smile, "Eh, you don't have to pay for the medical expenses. You can stay with me for one night instead."

After saying that, he grabbed Muriel's wrist and pulled her into his arms. Seeing this, Mr. Zhang hastily came up to pull her. "Hey, what's going on?"

"Who are you?" The man looked at Mr. Zhang arrogantly and asked.

"I'm her colleague."

"It's good that you are not her man. Your colleague broke my shoes, I don't need her to pay for it. Just let her stay with me for one night."

"Waiter! Please keep in control here! Someone got drunk and went insane!" Walter stepped forward and pulled Muriel behind him.

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