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   Chapter 9 Signing The Contract

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The main content of this TV series was that the heroine was a fairy, and she sneaked into the mortal world, then she bumped into the hero, who was the son of the leader of the demonic cult, and he also sneaked into the human world. So a series of things had happened between them.

The grand guard of the demonic cult murdered the leader. Then as he took control of the demonic cult, he began to task demons to murder the hero. The hero and the heroine fought against the enemies together and supported each other all the way. Gradually, they fell in love.

When the divine world knew that the heroine was chased by the demonic cult, they sent Fairy Wendy to the mortal world to save the heroine. After repelling the demons, Wendy brought the heroine back to the divine world, leaving the hero alone.

The hero sneaked back to the forbidden area of demonic cult and learned the secret technique by accident. He defeated the grand guard, and then he found out that the grand guard was actually a god sent by the divine world to assassinate the leader of the demonic cult. He had been hiding in the demonic cult for many years, becoming the grand guard from a small demon.

The death of his father was unforgivable. The hero controlled the power of the demonic cult and led the demons to declare a war on the divine world. The heroine couldn't believe that the hero was the leader of the demonic cult, and she couldn't believe that she and the hero had become enemies. The hero in hatred couldn't hear any words of the heroine, and in the end, the heart-broken heroine died under the hero's sword.

Seeing the heroine lying in the blood, the hero came to his senses and disappeared holding her body in his arms sadly.

Although the plot was a little dramatic, it was very compact. The shooting and later stages cost lots of money. And Director Hudson always aimed for the perfect quality of the picture and he's also strict with actors and actresses, which made people look forward to this TV series very much.

Muriel was going to play the role of Fairy Wendy, who was obedient to the divine world, like a cold machine without her own thoughts.

Following the orders of the divine world, she had destroyed the relationship between the hero and the heroine many times, and she brought the heroine back to the divine world to separate them. In the end, when the hero led the demons to attack the divine world, Fairy Wendy fought bravely and swore to fight for the divine world to her death.

In the end, she was hurt by the sword in order to protect the heroine, and she was seriously injured and died. She died for her belief, for the divine world, and also for the heroine.

This role was not a third one between the hero and the heroine. On the contrary, Fairy Wendy and the heroine had a very good relationship and they were like sisters. The ending could also earn a lot of tears for Fairy Wendy, and it is a role which could attract many fans.

Fortunately, Muriel had shot many scenes when she was the stunt double of Sunny, so that these scenes could be used directly. Now all she needed to do was to shoot some group scenes.

As soon as Catherine entered the shooting site, she saw that Muriel was hanging wire in the air. There was no panic on her face, and her martial arts movements were smooth in the air. With a somersault in the air, Muriel's eyes turned cold, and the long sword in her hand suddenly pierced into the heart of a demon.

"Cut!" Director Hudson looked at Muriel, who was slowly put on the ground, with ecstasy. He handed a bottle of water to her and said, "Well, Muriel, thank you for your hard work. You have done a good job in these scenes! Do you feel uncomfortable after hanging up for so long?"

"No." Muriel smiled and twisted the bottle cap and drank it all up.

Hudson looked at the screen again and again. He grinned and applauded loudly, "Congratulations, Fairy Wendy! You have finished your scenes!"


"Muriel, Congratulations! You have finished your work!"

Muriel bowed to the people on the shooting site and said sincerely, "Thank you for your guidance these days. I hope I haven't disturbed you too much."

Director Hudson looked at everyone and said in a cheerful voice, "You

all have been working hard these days. I'll treat you to hotpot tonight."

"Director Hudson, that's very kind of you. We don't have to eat box lunch this time."

The shooting site was filled with noise and excitement, while Catherine took a careful look at Muriel and then she stepped forward and said, "Muriel?"

Muriel turned to look at the woman with short hair and smart look, "I'm Muriel. And you are...?"

"Hello, I'm Catherine, the agent of Purple Cloud Media." Catherine wanted to shake hands with Muriel.

Holding Catherine's hand, Muriel bowed politely and replied, "Hello."

"I want to invite you to join our company. Are you interested in it? This is the contract. We can find a place to sit down and have a talk. "

Director Hudson was keeping an eye on their moves. He walked over in confusion and asked, "Excuse me, and you are...?"

"I'm Catherine, the agent of Purple Cloud Media. Our company is going to sign Muriel, so I come here to have a talk with her." Catherine explained.

Director Hudson asked in surprise, "Purple Cloud? Catherine? Are you Sunny's agent?"

"Yes, you are right." Catherine was worried that Muriel would refuse her company because of Sunny, so she explained in a hurry, "Purple Cloud Media has terminated the contract with Sunny already. We sincerely look forward to your joining, and hope you can give us a chance to cooperate."

Muriel turned to look at Director Hudson. Hudson thought for a while and said to Muriel, "Muriel, you can consider about it after going through the contract." After all, the reward of an actress was several times more than that of a stunt double. And it was also dangerous for a stunt double to do something difficult.

In the cafe, Muriel read the contract roughly and listened to Catherine's plan for her future. Catherine really deserved the title of top agent in Purple Cloud Media, as her players were all well paid.

Muriel thought that it would be better for her to join an agency since she planned to stay in the entertainment circle. "All right, I hope we can have a pleasant cooperation."

Muriel picked up a pen and signed her name on the contract. Catherine took a deep glance at her and asked, "Now as your agent, I have the right to know everything about you. Including your family background and emotional situation. If something happens in the future, I can help you solve it."

"My parents passed away when I was a child."

Catherine was stunned for a while, and then she understood why Muriel would be a stunt double. She had already begun to imagine the miserable youth of Muriel.

Seeing that Catherine seemed to understand her totally, Muriel smiled and said nothing.

"Are you married? Do you have a boyfriend? Do you have a child? " Catherine asked a pile of questions.

"Not married, single, no child." Muriel told her the truth.

While listening to Muriel's words, Catherine nodded and lost in thought. Muriel's family was miserable, her love experience was pure, and she was also hard working. Muriel was indeed a good candidate that could be well cultivated.

"Then I'll go home with you now. After packing up, I'll take you to our company's dormitory for stars."


After packing up, Catherine took Muriel to the downstairs of her dormitory. There were only a password box and a laptop in Muriel's suitcase. She carried them to upstairs with ease.

Actually, the news that Catherine, the top agent of Purple Cloud Media, was going to sign Muriel, had spread all over the company. When they heard that Muriel would come today, many people were curious and stuck their heads out of the window to look down.

"Wow, she is pretty though. No wonder Ms. Catherine would sign her."

"Don't say that. I heard that Muriel will become a martial arts star in the future."

"No matter what kind of path she's going to take, she still has to follow this tragic path. After all, she's Ms. Catherine's actress now! What a pity!"

"You're talking too much. Don't gossip in front of the new comer. Let's go to have dinner."

Although they talked in a low voice, Muriel, who was carrying her luggage upstairs, happened to hear these words. She stopped for a while and continued to follow Catherine to go upstairs.

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