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   Chapter 8 The Reversal

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Now it is in the XR Group, Richard looked at the news on the Internet and said proudly, "How wonderful this show is. I know you won't be helpless, Muriel. In that case, it won't be you."

Richard looked at Secretary Victor with burning eyes and sneered, "The video can be sent out now."

"OK, Mr. Richard." Secretary Victor nodded and left.

"Muriel, we will meet soon." Richard raised his cold chin slightly, with a touch of tenderness all over his body.

The twitter was in a mess. The official twitter of Purple Cloud Media confirmed the news that Sunny was addicted to drugs. She was canceled by many fans, but some were tolerant. The two sides were in a fierce fight.

"People always make mistakes. Please give my idol a chance!"

"Sunny is still a child. Don't scold her anymore. She doesn't feel good, either."

"Sunny is a child? Are you kidding me? If she's still a child at the age of 27, then I must be a baby!"

As soon as the people immersed in the fight of words refreshed their twitter, they saw a new twitter posted by Southern Newspaper, "Reveal the truth of Sunny's fall!" And there was a link attached.

People clicked the link curiously. It showed that Muriel and Sunny walked to the stairs. The two stood there and nobody knew what they were talking about. Then, Sunny reached out and held Muriel's hand. Weirdly, she let go of Muriel's hand and fell down on the stairs.

Everyone was stunned to see Sunny fall down the stairs by accident. Then Muriel ran down the stairs quickly, picked up Sunny and rushed out.

And next, it was showed that Sunny's assistant sneaked back to the shooting site and deleted the surveillance video. Then the entire video ended here. The crowd's eyes were bright. In the video, Muriel didn't push her at all, but Sunny tumbled over to the ground as if an invisible force had pushed her. Everyone knew the truth now, and the netizens began to complain.

"I apologize to Muriel here. I'm so sorry that I spat out something bad on you without solid evidence the other day. It turns out that we shouldn't give bad comments as soon as the big news comes out. It felt like a slap in the face. "

"It seems that Muriel is a kung fu master. She pushed Sunny down only through the air. How fucking awesome! The best actress of OSCAR is going to be awarded to Sunny this year. If you don't award it to her, I won't let you off!"

"Hey you upstairs, you are being sarcastic. I really want to laugh when I see Sunny fall down the stairs by herself! Hahaha!"

"I hope you won't scold Sunny anymore. I hope someone can come out and beat her to death. She set up a trap for Muriel while pretending to be a bitch. How scheming she is! I feel sick when I see the twitter she posted before."

"I'm sorry, everyone. I find another interesting thing! Ah, I find that Muriel was really cool and looked like a good boyfriend when she carried Sunny and ran out! How handsome she is! What's wrong with me?"

"You are not the only one who thought like that! Muriel is really cool!"

Muriel was browsing the comments on twitter in her room. Seeing the surveillance video released by Southern Newspaper, she dialed Director Hudson's number and said gratefully, "Director Hudson, thank you for helping me clarify it on twitter."

"I just posted a twitter. It's not a big deal. If you really want to thank me, you can bring some tea with you tomorrow when you come to the shooting site." Hudson laughed cheerfully.

"You only posted a twitter? Isn't that you who exposed the surveillance video?" Muriel asked in confusion.

"What surveillance video?"

"It's the surveillance video of Sunny falling down the stairs. So you didn't expose t

hat video?"

Director Hudson logged in twitter on his computer and replied, "No. The equipment has been sent to the after-sales shop and hasn't been returned back yet."

"Oh, I see! Thank you anyway. I'll bring you some tea tomorrow if you don't mind." Muriel smiled.

After hanging up the phone, Muriel watched the video again. The second part was obviously that someone had expected that Sunny's assistant would delete the surveillance video, so the one had already ambushed.

Then who helped her on earth? Muriel thought about all the people from the shooting site, but still couldn't figure out who she/he was.

Muriel shifted her attention to twitter and sent the recording to the paparazzi!

"The recording of Sunny was exposed. The truth was..." The paparazzi posted a tantalizing title, and many onlookers curiously clicked on the audio.

Then Sunny's sound came out clearly, "Have you deleted the surveillance video?"


"No one saw you, right?"

"No, they all went to a dinner party. There was no one left on the shooting site."

"Well, that's good. I'm sure Muriel can merely survive in the entertainment circle this time! Ouch! Damn it! Muriel is so bitchy! I planned to pretend to sprain my ankle, but I didn't expect to fall down the stairs."

After listening to the audio, Catherine slapped on the assistant's face angrily, "Clap!"

"Ms. Catherine, it's not me! I didn't tell anyone. I could never betray Sunny!" The assistant said in panic.

Catherine slapped her again and asked with a livid face, "There were only two of you in the ward at that time. Who else could have exploded it if it weren't you?"

"I... I really don't know. But, Ms. Catherine, believe me or not, I'm really innocent." The assistant grabbed Catherine's wrist and burst into tears.

"The company has decided to terminate the contract with you and Sunny. From now on, you don't need to work for Purple Cloud Media any more. Buzz off! Right! Now!" Catherine pushed the assistant away and walked to the general manager's office without looking back, no matter how hard the assistant cried behind.

"What are you going to do next?" The general manager looked at the curses of the netizens and sighed.

Catherine replied without hesitation, "I'm going to sign Muriel."

"What? Sign Muriel? As far as I know, she's just a stunt double. She's not famous at all. Sign her? " The general manager asked in disbelief.

"I have read the information about Muriel today. She has a good look, a good figure and was in a high level of martial arts. Although her acting skill is not professional, we can train her to a martial arts star after signing her. Besides, after what happened to Sunny, she is a little famous now. " Catherine analyzed slowly.

"Well... Well, you always have a good taste. I won't interfere." The general manager nodded.

At the shooting site of the TV series named "Love of Ghosts and Goblins", Director Hudson saw Muriel come over and he shouted happily, "Oh, you're finally here. I have something to discuss with you."

"Muriel, you can play the role of Sunny now. The pay for being an actress is much higher than that for a stunt double."

Muriel looked at Director Muriel in surprise, "What? Me? "

"Yes! Since the news of Sunny was exposed, and there was a lot of curses on the Internet. Even our TV series was affected. Everyone wanted to resist all the plays that Sunny had shot. Now I have to take out Sunny. You don't have to worry about your acting skills. What you have shot before is very good. " Director Hudson praised.

Muriel compressed her lips and thought for a while. Then she nodded to Director Hudson and said, "All right."

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