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   Chapter 7 Breaking News On Twitter

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Seeing the police's face changed, Kim shouted complacently, "Remember what I said before? I'm innocent. You slandered me. I'll sue you. You must compensate me for my mental damage."

With years of experience in handling cases, the captain believed that there must be something wrong with this result and some part must go wrong.

The captain said to his colleague, "Take Kim to have the test once more. Don't give him any water this time."

The policeman walked up to Kim and said, "Please cooperate with our work."

"No! Why! You all can see the result. The test result shows that I'm innocent. Let me go. " Kim complained.

"Please do it again."

Kim's hands were handcuffed. He struggled and shouted, "I won't do it again. Let me go! I have done nothing!"

The police had no choice but to report to the captain, "Captain, Kim refused to accept the inspection. What should we do?"

"Then just wait and see." The captain left the interrogation room with the documents.

On the other side, Sunny's assistant had already known that she was arrested. The assistant anxiously called Sunny's agent, "Ms. Catherine, Sunny has been arrested! What should I do?"

Hearing the sob of the assistant on the other end of the phone, Catherine Chen sat up from the bed with a frown, "Sunny was caught? What do you mean? Who arrested her?"

The assistant explained what had happened and asked anxiously, "What should we do now? I have prevented Sunny from doing so, but she ignored my advice and still went to see Mr. Kim."

"Damn it! Why didn't you inform me in advance? You are a lousy assistant!" Catherine was so angry that she wanted to smash the phone. She gritted her teeth and asked, "Which police station is Sunny in now?"

"The police station of the capital city."

When Catherine arrived at the police station, she looked at Sunny with disdain in her eyes. "There's no one finding your scandal about being arrested, right?"

"Well, no, I think." Sunny said with uncertainty.

Catherine looked around quietly and comforted, "Don't worry. The company will not treat you unfairly. I have to go back to the company now. All you can do is to pray that this matter will not be exposed. If it is exposed... Then the PR team will help you figure it out."

Watching Catherine go, Sunny tumbled down to the ground.

Four hours later, the police handed the test result to the captain and said happily, "Captain, he has told us that he secretly left a mouthful of water in his mouth when he drank water. He took advantage of our inattention to cause the deviation of the first test result."

Looking at the white sky outside the window, the captain patted the man on the shoulder and said, "Thank you."

After watching Sunny and Kim being taken away by the police, Muriel smiled and took off the uniform of the waitress. Soon she disappeared in the crowd.

Muriel had been so busy all night that she didn't eat anything, so she felt hungry. Looking up at the snacks on both sides of the road, she went forward and got some doggy bags randomly.

She turned into an alley where several men gathered together. But she didn't know what they were saying. She had hot pancake in her mouth and passed by. The light in the alley was dim, so it was hard to see clearly. These men looked at each other, and then unexpectedly took out their mobile phones and turned on the flashlight to illuminate Muriel's face.

With a frown on her face, Muriel blocked the light and asked, "What are you doing?"

"Wow, what a pretty girl! Why do you come back so late? Do you want me to drive you home?" A man asked in an obscene voice.

Muriel stepped aside, shook her head and said

, "No, thanks."

"Don't be afraid, beauty. Let's go. We'll drive you home." At the moment they were saying this, several men surrounded her directly, and one of them even reached out to hold her waist.

On the other side of the alley, a bright Bentley was parked. The driver looked at the man in the back seat from the rearview mirror and asked in a deep voice, "Mr. Richard, do you need me to go there and help?"

It was hard to see clearly in the dim light in the alley. Richard smiled faintly and shook his head, "No."

"But..." His assistant, Victor, was very confused. He could easily tell that Richard cared about Muriel very much. Why did he refuse to help her when he saw that she was bullied? He couldn't understand why.

Richard interrupted Victor, "Be quiet. Don't say anything."

"Okay." Victor turned off the engine and sat quietly on the driver's seat.

In the alley, Muriel didn't show any panic even though she was surrounded by several strange men. But what's strange, her calmness didn't arouse any of their suspicion.

When the man's hand was about to touch Muriel's waist, she dodged and grabbed the man's wrist.

"Ahhh! It hurts! Let go of me!" The man's face twisted in pain.

The men next to her were startled. They came to their senses and tried to pull Muriel's hair or land a slap on her.

Muriel let go of the man's hand, stepped back two steps effortlessly, and kicked the chest of the man on the left nimbly, and punched the abdomen of the man on the right. In an instant, three men were knocked down. The other man clenched his fists and hesitated for a moment, not daring go forward.

The man who fell to the ground with hands covered on his chest shouted, "What the hell are you afraid of? Let's fight together!"

The others quickly got up from the ground and rushed towards Muriel.

In the Bentley Ron, Victor asked anxiously, "Mr. Richard? Shall we go and save her?"

"You are over anxious." Richard smiled, "She can handle with this all by herself. No need to help."

As soon as he finished his words, he saw several people fall down from the dark alley. A few seconds passed by, they still couldn't get up from the wet ground.

Richard turned his sight to the back of Victor's head and said, "Let's go back."

"What?" Victor was slightly stunned, then he nodded and said, "All right."

He was curious about the relationship between the skillful woman in the alley and Richard. He was curious why Richard asked him to drive here but didn't go in to save her. But he knew that he should keep his mouth shut, so he drove away quietly.

After cleaning up the mess, Muriel looked through the alley and found nothing on the side of the road.

She withdrew her sight and glanced at the wailing men on the ground. Then she continued eating the pancake and turned away.

The next day, Muriel got up early and when she came back from the morning exercise, she saw the notice from the public security officer of the capital city. She immediately registered another account on twitter and contacted with several marketing accounts which have millions of fans on twitter.

As soon as the marketing accounts got the explosive news, they began to post the news on twitter about Sunny being arrested. Sunny's fans didn't believe it at all, but many passers-by believed it. The Internet became very noisy.

Looking at the comments on the Internet, Catherine threw the cup to the ground angrily, "Damn it."

Catherine was very anxious about this news, so she immediately asked the official twitter of Purple Cloud Media to issue an apology statement, admitting that Sunny was arrested, which stirred up a thousand waves.

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