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   Chapter 6 The Test Result

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Stimulated by alcohol, Sunny and Mr. Kim began to cuddle up together again. They got lost and delirious

"Bang!" "Hey, you can't go in. Wait..." The door of the box was pushed and opened from the outside.

Sunny and Mr. Kim were shocked by the people who suddenly rushed in. They shouted angrily, "What the hell's going on? Are you blind? Don't you know who I am! How dare you cause trouble in my room? You..."

The waiter was pushed aside. Several people standing outside walked into the box and looked around. Mr. Kim was stunned when he saw the man in uniform in front of him.

Sunny was dizzy just now but she began to be a little sober at this moment. When she saw a man next to her taking pictures of the box with a camera, her face immediately turned pale. She put on her clothes in a hurry and shouted, "No, stop taking pictures! Mr. Kim, please, tell them stop taking pictures! "

The man who stood in the front picked up the strange bottles on the table and looked at them with a sneer. "Well, well, take them away."

Hearing the order, the men behind them immediately stepped forward and were about to arrest Mr. Kim and Sunny. Sunny pretended to be calm and said to them, "Officer, is there any misunderstanding between us?"

"Well, what kind of misunderstanding can we have?"

Sunny shook the empty bottle in order to conceal the truth as she lied to the police, "This is just a drink. Nothing special. This is not..." Sunny was speechless and her face was so pale that she didn't know how to explain.

Seeing that Sunny couldn't continue, the man mocked, "Go on! This is not....? Not drugs? What you said only gave yourself away. Take them back to the police station right now."

The police came forward and handcuffed Mr. Kim and Sunny. Mr. Kim anxiously shouted, "You are arresting people illegally. I will sue you. How could you arrest me?"

The door of the private room was open. It was noisy here and many people began to come over curiously. Sunny realized that things went out of control. She lowered her head in a hurry and covered her face with her long hair.

She couldn't let anyone know about it. Once it was spread out, her life would be doomed. Sunny peeped at the door in anxious and whispered to Mr. Kim, "Mr. Kim, be quiet. Let's go to the police station with them first, and then we can find a way to get out."

Hearing this, Mr. Kim was furious and landed a slap on Sunny's face. "Are you crazy you bitch? How dare you command me?"

Seeing that Mr. Kim hit Sunny, two policemen hurried forward to subdue him and dragged him all the way to the police car. The other police helped Sunny to get out of the club, who lowered her head and dared not to see anyone.

Muriel, who dressed as a waitress, flipped through the photo album on her mobile phone while walking, "Wow..., I'm getting better in taking photos."

"Ouch!" Staring at the phone carefully, Muriel didn't notice the road. She bumped into a person by accident and realized that she was still in the identity of waitress now. Muriel hurriedly put the phone into her pocket and sincerely said, "Sorry, Sir, I didn't mean to offend you."

The man was full of the smell of alcohol. He waved his hand and said unconcernedly, "Never mind. It's not a big deal."

Muriel didn't expect him to be so easy-going. She bowed to him again and was about to walk to the bathroom.

"Wait!" Muriel stopped and turned to look at the man in confusion.

The light in the aisle was dim. The man looked at Muriel with his eyes widely opened and asked in confusion, "You are Mu..."

Muriel's heart seemed to stop for a while. She turned around and ran away as fast as she could.

When the man saw her running away, he immediately ran to catch up with her.

The man chased after her closely. He didn't expect her to

run so fast. He quickly passed through the aisle and ran to the outside of the club.

It was already one o'clock after midnight, and there is almost no one on the street. The man looked around but didn't find anyone. He murmured, "Unbelievable! It's so weird."

"Hey, bro, Why did you go outside instead of going to the washroom?" His companion burped and asked.

"It seems that..." The man walked a few steps forward and looked into the alley with uncertainty.

Her companion dragged the man forward and said incoherently, "What?! Are you having an illusion because of the alcohol? Aha, let's go. Get drunk or never return, come on! Our fellows are waiting for you tonight."

The man thought for a while and gave up looking for her. He followed his companion back to the box to drink.

As the footsteps faded away, a black figure suddenly flashed through the dark alley and jumped down from the high wall. Then the alley at night returned to silence again.

After returning home, Muriel helplessly fell on the bed. Although she had never seen the man before, judging from his reaction, it was obvious that he knew her. It was very likely that the man worked for "him".

"It was just not my day!" Muriel thought in mind. She rolled back and forth on the bed irritably.

As Sunny and Kim were taken to the police station, the police began to question them. "Have their urine test results come out?" The captain asked.

The colleague shook her head helplessly and said, "They wouldn't accept the urine test to save their lives. No matter how hard the police had tried, they just refused to eat or drink. The man said he had pee just now. When Officer Chen was ready to prepare for him to pee, he peed in his pants and roared, "I won't do the urine test."

The captain entered the interrogation room with a frown. Looking at Kim, whose eyes were slightly blurred, he asked coldly, "You dare to take the drug and dare not do the urine test?"

"I'm not addicted to drugs." Kim roared, gnashing his teeth.

The captain looked at him without any facial expression. "Since you said you didn't use drugs, you should have the test as soon as possible. If you are sure that you didn't use drugs, I will let you go back immediately."

Kim thought for a while and said arrogantly, "I'm thirsty. Get me a bottle of water. I'll piss you after drinking it."

The police immediately handed the mineral water to him. After drinking a few mouthfuls of water, Kim cooperated with the police to do the urine test.

On the other side, Sunny had the test already and it was found that she was indeed drug addicted.

"Sir, can you lend me your phone so that I can call my agent? She can bail me out." Sunny gripped the handrail tightly and stared at the police with her eyes turning red.

While tidying up the documents, the police answered, "Bailing out is a compulsory measure in the criminal suit, and drug abuse is a public security punishment. The maximum term of detention is fifteen days. You can't go through bail out."

"So, you mean I can go out after being locked up for fifteen days?"


"Well, can you lend me your phone and let me give a call? My assistant will worry about me if I don't go back at this time. It's too late. I'll tell her that I'm safe. " Sunny asked for a favor helplessly.

"I will inform her for you. You can't contact with the outside now." The policeman explained.

A policeman came over from the interrogation room with a strange expression on his face. "Captain, the result of Kim's urine test has come out."

The captain took over the report. The result of the urine test was beyond the expectation of all the policemen. The result was between drug abuse and not drug abuse. If the result was real and effective, the police could do nothing but let Kim go.

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