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   Chapter 5 Begin To Carry Out The Arrest Operation

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"Well, that's good. I'm sure Muriel can merely survive in the entertainment circle this time! Ouch! Damn it! Muriel is so bitchy! I planned to pretend to sprain my ankle, but I didn't expect to fall down the stairs." Sunny said with a sinister look.

"By the way, will there be any scar left on my forehead? What did the doctor say?" It occurred to Sunny that she had made some wounds so she asked anxiously.

The assistant comforted, "The doctor said that there might've been some slight scars. But we can go to the plastic hospital to have a plastic surgery. There won't be much different from before."

Hearing the sound from the computer, Muriel's smile widened.

"Clap!" A crisp cracking sound suddenly came from the computer.

"Ms. Sunny? Are you okay? Why do you look so bad all of a sudden? Does it hurt? I'll call the doctor now."

"No, please don't. Come back." Although Muriel was not there, it was true that Sunny sounded very painful.

"I'll just take a puff. The thing is in the innermost layer of my bag, and the lighter is also in it."

With a crack, the lighter was lit up. Sunny took a deep breath, "Ouch... Ah! I feel so damn good!"

Muriel, who had been in a good mood, now had a calculating and fierce expression on her face. She clenched her fists and her eyes flashed a trace of scarlet.

"How many bags are left?"

"None." The assistant said worriedly.

"Make an appointment with Mr. Kim for me tomorrow."

"Ms. Sunny, you still have wounds on your body! The doctor advised you to have a good rest. "

"But I don't have any goods now. If I don't see Mr. Kim in the flesh, he won't give it to me. You just leave this thing. Now make an appointment with Mr. Kim at once for me." Sunny said irritably.

"Fine..." The assistant was helpless.

There was no sound coming from the other end of the computer. It seemed that Sunny had begun to rest. Muriel quickly typed on the keyboard, looking seriously.

The fans kept asking about Sunny's injury under the latest twitter of Sunny. Sunny's assistant also didn't update twitter, which made them very worried.

On the next morning, people who got up early and swiped the screen saw Sunny's twitter, "Thank you for all your concern. Muri is a very hardworking girl. I believe that she didn't mean to do that. Please don't speak any bad of her anymore.".

Sunny's words were very artistic. Although she explained for Muriel on the surface, the deep meaning was that Muriel did push her down the stairs.

As soon as the twitter was posted, the fans immediately cursed fiercely, "A hard-working girl? You've worked so hard to shoot to fame in such a despicable way!"

"Why haven't we seen the Z-list actress being taken away for investigation? The sugar daddy behind this woman can't be underestimated."

"Our idol Sunny is almost perfect, except one thing, She's too naive to see people clearly. This black sheep can't stay in the entertainment circle. Just get damn lost."

The internet was flooded with this news, while the heroine of this matter, Muriel, just calmly took a taxi to the shooting site. As soon as Muriel got off the car, she was surrounded by a crowd of reporters.

"Hello, Muriel. Is what Sunny posted on twitter true?"

"Please reply to the rumor on the twitter. Is it true?"

"Since that Sunny is seriously injured and hospitalized, how dare you come to the film crew?"

Muriel squeezed out of the crowd and ran into the shooting site quickly.

When the crew members saw Muriel coming in, they looked at Muriel with different expressions. Hudson looked at the person sitting in front of the monitor and asked, "Have you got out the surveillance video?"

"Director Hudson,

the surveillance video has been deleted. I can't restore it now, so I have to report it to the after-sales service."

Yesterday, there was no witness present, and no one knew what had happened. Surveillance video was the only weapon that could reveal the truth. Unexpectedly, the surveillance video had been deleted. Many people looked up at Muriel with mockery in their eyes.

"How long will it take to send to the after-sales and recover the video?"

"Maybe a few days."

Looking at Muriel, Hudson waved at her and took her to a corner. Hudson looked at Muriel sincerely, "Muriel, look into my eyes. Tell me the truth. Did you push Sunny down the stairs by accident?"

Looking at each other, Muriel replied sincerely, "Director Hudson, I really didn't push her. I swear."

"Okay, I trust you!" Director Hudson patted on Muriel's shoulder and said, "Dressing up yourself as soon as possible. There are still a lot of scenes waiting to be shot today. Adjust your mental state and don't be affected by those things."

Seeing that Muriel entered the dressing room, Director Hudson frowned. After thinking for a while, he took out his mobile phone and posted a twitter, "How interesting! There's boundless darkness before dawn. The truth will eventually be revealed. It's really heartbreaking that Muriel became the target of public criticism even she didn't do anything."

When Sunny's fans saw Hudson's post on twitter, they all exploded, "Does the director go insane? Maybe Director Hudson is Muriel's sugar daddy? How interesting, I become a troll of him from a fan."

"How interesting, I was on a fence but now I'm a troll. Hudson and Muriel, I will hate you two for my entire life! Bye."

"I'm 100 percent sure that they must have some shady affair."

"I won't watch this damn TV series even if I'm beaten to death. Unfollowed already, ha ha."

Some onlookers felt that things were not that simple. "As Director Hudson said, it seems that Muriel is innocent. The entertainment circle is so complicated."

"I'm a gossip who doesn't know the truth. I am ready waiting for the reversal."

Sunny was already in a private room of a leisure club, as she saw the twitter posted by Director Hudson, she was so angry that she almost threw her phone in front of Mr. Kim.

"What's wrong with you, Sunny? Which bastard offended my darling Sunny? " Mr. Kim held Sunny in his arms and began to enjoy the reckless touching on Sunny's body.

Bearing the disgusting feel rose in her heart, Sunny pretended to be shy and said, "It's all Muriel's fault. Mr. Kim, look at my shins and arms. They hurt so badly."

"Ouch, it hurts! Sunny, let me give you a kiss. Then it won't hurt anymore." As soon as he finished his words, he leaned forward and kissed Sunny before she could answer.

After letting out their passion, Mr. Kim ordered a few bottles of wine, and soon the waitress sent the red wine into the box.

The waitress had long hair. The dim light in the room made it difficult to see her facial expression. She turned a blind eye to the messy box, as if she had been accustomed to it. She opened the bottle and walked out slowly.


Mr. Kim asked in confusion, "What's up?"

"I... Well, nothing." Sunny didn't know if it was because of the light or not. She felt that the waitress looked familiar, but she couldn't remember who she was.

She quickly forgot about it. Her goal now was to egg Mr. Wang on to put pressure on Hudson so that she could vent her anger.

The waitress didn't return to her post after delivering the wine. She went into the bathroom and took out her mobile phone to send a message. It was said," It's time to carry out the arrest operation!"

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