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   Chapter 4 Paparazzi Revelations

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Muriel felt as if she was being watched. She frowned and saw a weird man holding a camera outside the ward. He secretly took a few photos of the fuss in the ward and sneaked out.

One of the crew members said to Sunny's assistant, "Why not listening to what Sunny would say about what happened when she wakes up. I understand how you feel. But we were all not here just now. You can't slung mud at Muriel, right? What if it was really Sunny herself who fell down by accident? Then it would hurt our friendship. "

Seeing that the assistant had calmed down, the crew hurriedly asked Muriel to go back first.

While swiping the screen, people suddenly saw a news on the hot topic: aiming at the position of top star, an actress nearly killed Sunny.

As soon as everyone saw the title, they immediately went to the hot topic to find out what was going on. A paparazzi's account posted a long twitter, which described how Muriel had pushed Sunny down the stairs in order to grab her role.

And as the attached pictures had shown, Sunny was lying on the bed with a bandage on her forehead; Sunny's assistant was about to beat Muriel, but failed; the doctor and security guards were in a stalemate in the ward.

During this period, Sunny's fans cursed, "Who the hell is this! Bullshit!She's not a star at all. She's just nobody! How dare an unknown woman try to rob Sunny's role? Who does she think she is? "

"I've always heard that the entertainment circle is very dark. I didn't expect that such a thing would happen to Sunny. The bitch named Muriel, let's flesh her out. I'll go to her door to pour mud!"

"Waah... Waah... The wound on Sunny's forehead is so heartbreaking. I'm going to kill you, Muriel. Why are you so vicious?"

Look at all those gossips! They were so good at making up their own head canon. Just by judging from a few words and a few pictures, they could make up a melodrama.

Some passers-by also joined the group of criticism, "Muriel, get out of the entertainment circle. At the thought that she is in the same circle with my idol, I would feel extremely nervous."

"Get out of the entertainment circle, Muriel! She is a black sheep in the entertainment circle."

"Why you all ask the one named Muriel to get out of the entertainment circle? Now that she has violated the law, shouldn't we call the police and arrest her?"

The assistant who was swiping the screen didn't expect that this matter would be photographed secretly by the paparazzi. Seeing that the e-pals are all cursing Muriel, she was overjoyed.


"Ms. Sunny, you are awake? I'll call the doctor for you." The assistant was about to leave, while Sunny stopped her at once.

"Wait, what's going on now?" Sunny had planned to set Muriel up, so she pretend to fell down, but she didn't expect to crash down the stairs and pass out.

The assistant immediately told Sunny what actually had happened. After some thoughts, Sunny ordered, "Go back to the shooting site now and delete all the surveillance videos."

The assistant was stunned and soon understood what Sunny meant. She bit her lip and nodded, "Fine."

Now it is in XR Group, a Secretary reported with the iPad, "The group meeting will be held at 10 o'clock tomorrow, and Mr. Wang will make an appointment with you at 14 o'clock to discuss business with you. And at 16 o'clock, Mr. Wales will video chat with you about the opening business of a new hotel in A country. Mr. Liu's birthday party will be held at Hilton Hotel at 20 o'clock..."

The man rubbed his eyebrows tiredly when he heard his schedule read by the secretary. A small window suddenly popped up in the lower right corner of the computer. It was news push. The news was titled: aiming at the position of top star, an actress nearly killed Sunny.

The man was about to close the w

indow, when his eyes were fixed on one name, "Muriel?"

"Mr. Richard?" After reporting the schedule, the Secretary asked in confusion. He saw Richard Xu staring at the computer with such a serious look so he couldn't help reminding him.

Richard Xu, however, was unheard, clicking on the news and quickly scrolling down the web page, then some pictures came into his sight. The pictures showed that Muriel was protected in the corner, while Sunny's assistant was about to rush up but failed. The assistant's face was full of anger.

Although the photo was not clear enough, Richard Xu still recognized the person in the photo. He quickly rolled up the roller and glanced at the revelations revealed by paparazzi, floated a smile on his face.

Richard Xu turned the computer to his secretary and said, "Put today's schedule aside please. Now get the surveillance video of this incident out immediately."

Secretary Victor looked at the headline in surprise. He really couldn't connect the gossip news in the entertainment circle with his brilliant and brave CEO.

With good professional ethics, he didn't ask why. Secretary Victor chucked and answered, "OK."

"From now on, keep an eye on Muriel. Report everything to me as soon as possible."

"Yes, sir."

"Try to postpone tomorrow's schedule as much as possible. If the time can't be adjusted, choose a gift as a compensation."

"Yes, sir." Secretary Victor cried silently in her heart.

Assistant Sunny sneaked back to the shooting site. She looked around and quickly deleted today's surveillance video.

The assistant, who was concentrating on the computer screen, didn't find that there is a person hiding in the dark. After the video was deleted, she immediately ran back to the hospital.

Secretary Victor was a decisive man. In less than an hour, he immediately handed the investigation materials and the copied video to Richard Xu.

Richard Xu took the document and looked through it. Secretary Chen stood aside and shouted silently in his heart, "Mr. Richard, you haven't been this careful even when you read the contract of a big project!

Richard Xu inserted the U disk into the computer, and Secretary Victor stepped forward to help him find what he want to see. Soon, Muriel and Sunny appeared on the screen.

As it is seen in the video, everyone could tell at a glance that Sunny fell down on purpose.

In the surveillance video, after the crowd sent Sunny to the hospital, Secretary Victor went forward and opened another file. The whole process of Sunny's assistant deleting the surveillance video was totally photographed.

With an evil smile, Richard Xu tapped the table rhythmically with his slender fingers.

Secretary Victor thought for a while and asked, "Mr. Richard, are we going to put this video on the internet now? After all, there is abuse about Ms. Muriel here and there on the Internet now. "

"Not now." Richard Xu stared at the smiling Muriel's photo on the document with burning eyes. "I don't believe that she can't do anything about it. I'm waiting to see a big show."

Mr. Richard, you've changed your schedule just to watch a play. You are so capricious! Secretary Victor really wanted to curse him in his heart.

As soon as Muriel returned home, she pushed the wardrobe aside. Suddenly, four screw appeared on the wood floor. She twisted the screw, opened the plank and took out the toolbox under it.

Muriel put the tool kit on the desk and fooled with it for a second, while hearing some noise came from the laptop. After a while, the voice of Sunny was clearly heard from Muriel's computer.

"Have you deleted all the surveillance videos?"

"Yes." It was the assistant's voice.

"No one saw you, right?"

"No, they all went to a dinner party. There was no one left in the shooting site."

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