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   Chapter 3 Framed

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Muriel glanced at Hudson, as if waiting for his permission. He waved his hand. "It doesn't matter. After all, both of our crews are filming here, so you can easily jump back and forth. If you can't, then I can just start with all the scenes you need to finish. Once you're through, you can head to his crew for another round of shooting."

He sighed. "If it hadn't been for the fact that we already shot half of the script, I would've given you the role already. In fact, Sunny's role fits you really well."

They didn't lower their voices. Standing not far away, Sunny had been listening in on their entire conversation. She could feel the crew's mocking gazes on her back. She clenched her fists as she glared at Muriel.

After seeing Quentin off, the film crew began shooting the next part. Hudson groaned the moment he saw Sunny acting awkwardly in front of the camera. He had already told her what to do millions of times, but she still couldn't get the hang of it. "Forget it," he snapped. "We can just use the Muriel's scene and zoom in on Sunny's face. All you need to do now is make facial expressions."

Hudson had already rebuked Sunny relentlessly in front of the whole crew. Hearing some of them chuckle, she turned her head to glare at Muriel. Her entire face was flushed in embarrassment and anger.

Even if she wasn't doing anything, Muriel knew that Sunny was already cursing her entire family in heart.

In less than two minutes, Hudson was already shouting again. "You're a fairy, and they're demons. You have to show your superiority. Do you understand? They're not your enemies. You don't have to want to skin them alive, because in your mind, you already had!"

Usually, Sunny was great in acting, but this was the first time she had ever cooperated with Hudson. Although she knew that he had a bad temper, she didn't expect that he would tell her off in front of so many people. Sunny didn't work well when she was scolded. She couldn't get in character.

"Forget it. We can just shoot tomorrow. Let's just shoot the rivalry scene with the hero and the heroine." Hudson twisted his bottle cap irritably and drank it all up.

Muriel was quickly taken into the dressing room. She quickly changed into the same outfit as the heroine.

No matter what Walter had asked her to do, she performed the act perfectly. Hudson hadn't shot numerous scenes so smoothly in such a long time. He couldn't help but regret the fact that he couldn't give her any role. He shook his head helplessly.

If he had known her earlier, then he would've asked Muriel to be an actress instead of a stunt double.

"Cut! Let's call it a day." Hudson walked up to Muriel and handed her a bottle of water. "You've worked hard today, Muriel. In fact, in just one day, you already finished half a month's worth of shooting."

She smiled. "It's really no sweat." Compared to what she had experienced in the past, the intensity she felt now was nothing.

When Muriel headed back to the dressing room, the make-up artist and the stylist hurried over to take a picture with her. Being in the entertainment circle for so long, they knew who had the potential to become a great actress. Judging from her performance, they were a hundred percent sure that she was going to be a star.

This was why they had been so nice to her. Maybe if she became even more popular in the future, they would be able to work for her again.

Although Muriel didn't know why all of them were taking a picture with her, she patiently took a photo with every single one of them.

Looking at t

he way Muriel was being surrounded, Sunny was furious. She quickly got in Muriel's way when everyone had already left.

Sunny quickly forced a smile. "How about I'll take you out to see my friends tonight?"

Muriel smiled shyly. "I'm really sorry, Miss Sunny, but I have an appointment I need to get to."

"You can make an appointment with your friend some other day. This opportunity is now or never. If you want to be in the entertainment circle, it's not easy if you're alone. I could take you to see more people, so if you get bullied, there will be people to back you up," she lectured like a teacher explaining to a student. She grabbed Muriel's wrist and was about to drag her away.

However, when she was about to get rid of Sunny's hand, Sunny tumbled over to the ground as if an invisible force had pushed her.

Muriel was about to grab Sunny's arm, but when she looked into her eyes, she saw that they were filled with disdain and hatred.

She finally understood the woman's intention. Sunny planned to set her up. Why would she help someone who would do such a thing? For this, Muriel stood still.

"Ah! It hurts!" As expected, Sunny fell onto the ground and sprained her ankle.

She didn't expect that it would hurt this bad. When she tried to stand up, she had completely forgotten that the stairs were just to her right. As she tried to lean in on the side, she shrieked.

Bang! Sunny had missed her step and stumbled down the stairs. Crash!

There were still some people in the set who hadn't gone back. When they heard the crash, they realized that something had happened and immediately rushed over.

Seeing that Sunny had lost consciousness, Muriel immediately ran down the stairs, shouting anxiously. "Miss Sunny, are you okay?"

Muriel wrapped her arms around Sunny's waist, lifted her, and sprinted outside. Seeing this, all the crew members surrounded her. "What happened?"

Sunny's assistant had rushed over to see what the fuss was about. When she saw that her boss was drenched in blood, she screamed. "Look at her face!"

Muriel gazed at her worriedly. "I was about to go down with Sunny just now, but she accidentally fell down the stairs. We shouldn't talk about it now. Send her to the hospital first."

The staff quickly took Sunny from Muriel's arms. They didn't notice that Muriel's hand had moved around Sunny's pockets.

They were already at the ward as they listened in to what the doctor had said. "Sunny has multiple soft tissue contusion all over her body, and there are around ten stitches on her forehead. She needs to rest. Sunny's not allowed to smoke, drink, have spicy food, green onion, or even garlic. She needs plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits."

"Muriel, what the hell did you do? Did you push Sunny on purpose?" The assistant glared at Muriel. She had been in the entertainment circle for several years and had seen all of their dirty tricks. It was possible that Muriel could deliberate hurt others just to get that role.

Muriel blinked innocently. "For God's sake, I didn't push her."

"How dare you lie in front of all of us? You pushed her! You bitch!" The assistant stepped forward and tried her best to land a slap on Muriel's face.

Seeing this, the film crew immediately stepped in to stop her. Muriel was protected as the whole ward exploded in pandemonium. Unnoticed by everyone's eyes, Muriel pulled a magnet from her bag and stuck it under Sunny's bed.

"This is a hospital. What are you all doing?" the doctor roared as security guards stepped in to handle the issue at hand.

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