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   Chapter 2 Surprising The Shooting Site

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There was no trace of nervousness on Muriel's face. The man in front of her didn't seem to be a well-known top director but just an ordinary man. She calmly nodded at Hudson. "Nice to meet you, Director Hudson."

Hudson's eyes lit up the minute he saw Muriel. He couldn't help but tease the man in front of him, "The stunt double's even more beautiful than the ones playing the leading roles. How about she just try out for the leading role instead?"

Sunny's heart tightened. "Director..."

Hudson chuckled, waving his hand. "Take it easy. I'm just kidding. Look at all those youngsters. It's so easy to rile them up! Come on, let's talk about the plot. Sunny and Muriel, it's time that you learn all the actions for the scene."

After being taught by the director, Sunny had taken it in herself to learn all the simple moves.

However, as Hudson stared at the scene before him, he couldn't help but shake his head. Sunny was horrible! She was moving around as if she was a newly-installed robot. "Sunny, you're a fairy right now. Do you understand me? A fairy! You have to act like one. These things, these actions you're doing, they don't scream immortal fairy! No. They scream like local commoner!"

Sunny flushed in embarrassment at the director's blunt words.

However, the more cuts there were, the more irritated Hudson became. It seemed that Sunny couldn't get a hold of her role. "Cut," he yelled. "Sunny, why don't you have a rest first? Muriel, get into the scene! As for Sunny, we can do some of these actions later on."

He turned to Walter. "Your new stunt-double is good, right?"

Walter coughed sheepishly. "Well, she isn't that bad."

With a sword in her hand, Muriel strode over her designated position. The martial arts director had already told her all the actions she needed to perform and where she should land.

Sunny played the role of a fairy. Since the mortal world was ravaged and taken over by some demonic cult, she was tasked to kill all of them as soon as she landed. The scene they were about to do was where the hero and the heroine were being attacked by hundreds of demons. The fairy would land from the sky and slaughter all of them.

The actions weren't really difficult for Muriel. She nodded at the executive director, indicating that she was ready.

"Three, two, action."

As soon as the executive director motioned for her to start, Muriel's gaze turned calculating and fierce. It was as if she was actually the fairy herself. She raised her long sword and spun in the air. Her colleagues, who were playing the demons, immediately fell to the ground and spat out blood. The special effects team would be responsible for highlighting how powerful the fairy really was.

After landing onto the ground, Muriel immediately rolled forward and clanged her sword against the demons. She quickly stepped onto another surface and made a leap. The long sword twirled in her hand gracefully. Muriel quickly stabilized her hold once she landed. Strands of her hair frayed at the sides of her face, but it just further emphasized her ethereal beauty.

Bang! The ground exploded before her. All the other stunt doubles flew to different parts of the pavement. Some of them spat out fake blood as they stilled. Smoke burst out from either side, clouding the entire set.

Muriel twisted and turned her sword expertly. It whistled lowly as she inserted it back to its scabbard.

There was dead silence. Everyone's jaw dropped as they stared at the girl in the middle of the sight. The smoke hadn't faded away yet as it clouded over her. If they hadn't known any better, they would've thought that they actually met a fairy.

Finally coming to his senses, Hudson immediately played back the scene that he had just shot. Muriel's sharp eyes, her smooth movements, and even her graceful landing were perfect!

There were some stunt doub

les who were excellent in fighting but terrible in their landings. Because of this, they would usually need to repeat a few of those scenes over and over again until working it out.

It was the first time Hudson had ever seen a perfect scene with just one cut. After watching it over several times, he became even more ecstatic.

Suddenly, someone clapped from behind them. Everyone turned to see the person who had just clapped.

Hudson was surprised to see a middle-aged man standing behind him. Hudson immediately turned his head and shouted, "Cut!"

All the stunt doubles were still lying on the ground, pretending to be dead. It was a rule that they shouldn't break character until the director himself had yelled out 'Cut'.

Hudson glanced at the man in good spirits. "It's good, right? What brings you here, Director Quentin?"

"Our crew was also shooting a scene here. When I heard that you were here, I came to visit." Quentin Qi glanced at the girl in the middle of the scene. "You're incredibly lucky to find a treasure like that.

Is she a newcomer? I haven't seen her in any movies before." He gazed at Muriel curiously.

"Walter found her. She's a stunt double."

Hudson clasped his hand around Walter's shoulder. "She was excellent, and all you had to say was that 'she isn't that bad'? You're being too modest!" he joked.

Walter was also surprised. In fact, back when he first met her, he couldn't believe that she was a stunt double in the first place. She was beautiful. She could be in any movie she wanted. Why was she willing to just play a stunt double?

He didn't realize he was wrong until he saw how fluid her movements were. In fact, she was one of the best he had ever seen.

Quentin Qi glanced at Walter. "I might need a stunt double for the movie I'm shooting now. The price is negotiable. Besides, with that look, she might even have a role in my movie. What do you think?"

"Muriel has just been introduced to me by my friend, so she doesn't belong to any of our groups. I'm not sure if she'll accept the job or not. How about we ask for her opinion?" Although Walter was happy to cooperate with Quentin, he still needed to consult this with Muriel.


Quentin's new movie was about a police and a bandit. The heroine was played by none other than Lindy Han. Although Lindy Han was only in her early twenties, she began to act from the ripe age of five. She had acted in all kinds of dramas. After so many years of training, her acting skills were outstanding for her age.

She was playing the role of a police woman. She might be great in acting, but she was terrible when it came to the stunts.

Quentin had encountered all kinds of problems in finding a stunt double for her. Lindy Han was just too thin. Generally, all the stunt doubles he could find were men. With their burly figure, it would be harder for them to act like Lindy. Everyone could tell them apart.

After being called, Muriel walked over. "Director Hudson, you called for me?"

Hudson introduced, "Muriel, you did a great job on set. This is Director Quentin. Their crew also needs a stunt double. I'm not sure if you're interested."

Quentin was good at spotting new talents. Just now, he could see that Muriel's movements and acting were excellent. Although she didn't have any experience, he believed that she had the potential to be even much greater than all the actresses in the entertainment industry.

Seeing the hesitation on her face, Quentin hastily said, "There are several members in our crew. Some of them include, Daniel, Lindy, Crystal–"

"Crystal?" Muriel's eyes lit up.

Quentin smiled, thinking that he finally got her attention. "Yes, she's part of our crew. Are you a fan?"

"You could say that." Her eyes flashed, but it went unnoticed by all the others.

"Would you consider joining us then?" Quentin asked happily.

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