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   Chapter 1 A New Substitute

Charming Commando: Grow To Be The Best Actress By Gujian Qitan Characters: 7125

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In the entertainment sector of B City, a man brought a young girl to a martial arts instructor. "Walter, this is the person I've been talking about."

Walter Wu stared at the incredibly graceful girl standing before him. She didn't look as if she belonged anywhere near the martial arts world, much less be seen practicing it. "Her? She doesn't look like she practiced martial arts in years. You do know our job is not a joke right? We could easily get injured by all these weapons. In fact, the girl could even audition for the main act."

The man chuckled, rubbing the bridge of his nose. It seemed that he was already expecting his reaction. "Don't judge a person by her appearance. You'll come to understand that she'll be a perfect fit. You can take the money they'll give her. You don't even have to pay her. In fact, it's my apologies that we've deprived your other employees."

"Of course not. Your recommendation has already solved all my troubles. The actresses have lots of action scenes. My other employees might not be able to fit the job description, so it's a good thing that I could have such a stand-in for the actresses." 'It's even a better thing that I don't need to pay her,' Walter Wu thought cheerfully.

The two of them chatted for a bit before the man left. Staring at the quiet Muriel Mu, Walter Wu furrowed his eyebrows curiously. Even then, he still couldn't get why such a beautiful woman would want to be a substitute. "Muriel, what weapons do you know?"

She tilted her head. "I know everything."

Walter Wu sputtered out in shock. His eyes widened momentarily. There was no way that this lithe girl could master all the weapons they had. "Let's wait and see." He patted her on the shoulder and led her to the dressing room.

When the stylist and make-up artist saw Walter Wu coming, they immediately greeted him with a smile. "Hi, Walter."

"This is the stunt double who was introduced by one of my friends. The next scene is Sunny's fight scene, so I want you to help her get dressed," he ordered.

"This is the stunt double?" The two shared a look. 'With such a beautiful face, she could even replace Sunny.'

Walter Wu clapped, knocking them out of their daze. "Don't be distracted. Get her ready. You know how Hudson gets when things don't start on time. Once she's done, take her to the martial arts instructor's office to find me."

"Okay." The make-up artist nodded.

"Ow." The make-up artist heard her partner catching her breath, so she turned around to see what the fuss was about. It seemed that Muriel Mu had already changed clothes.

With shoulder length hair and dazzling eyes paired with a silk dress, Muriel Mu's figure was perfectly outline. In the same dress, while Sunny Huang looked sexy and lively, Muriel Mu looked regal and arrogant.

It was as if she had poked out of a storybook! Suddenly feeling inspired, the make-up artist grabbed her chair and motioned for Muriel to take a seat. She quickly fitted the wig on top of the girl's head and began her work. The woman took out her brush and rubbed it against her shadow palette. She quickly drew it from Muriel's cheek to the side of her ear. It would highlight her angles more.

Staring at herself in the mirror, Muriel couldn't help but smile.

"Damn it! Damn it!" Sunny Huang's assistant yelled out as she ran through the corridor.

"Hey! Slow down. There's water on the table. What if it spills on me?" Sunny Huang scolded.

"Sunny, they said that your role is going to be replaced." The assistant shuffled anxiously

, not daring to look at the woman's eyes.

Sunny Huang shrieked as she staggered up. "What? But I've already signed the contract!"

"They say the newcomer's in the dressing room."

"Hell no! Just when I finally got this role, I'm not going to let anyone get this from me! Who is she?" Sunny demanded. She lifted the hemline of her dress and stomped over to the dressing room. Her bright eyes were blazing with unspeakable rage.

When the staff around the dressing room saw Sunny coming, they all pretended they were busy arranging with whatever was close to them. In reality, they were just there to eavesdrop on the drama that was about to unfold.

As soon as Sunny stepped into the dressing room, she saw a woman who was dressed exactly the same as herself. When she walked closer, she found the girl to be really beautiful. Although Sunny had been in the entertainment circle for six years, she had never seen the woman in front of her.

In fact, with this face, it would be easy for her to become famous around the entertainment circle. The girl dared to try and steal her role before making her big debut! If the news spread about this, it would be humiliating for Sunny!

When the make-up artist spotted Sunny, she quickly tried to introduce Muriel to her. "Sunny, this is..."

"Look, lady, I advise that you don't steal roles from other people," Sunny interrupted coldly. "Don't think you can stay in the entertainment circle so long just because you've slept with tons of sniveling old fools."

Muriel didn't even know who this woman was.

"What do you mean?" She stared blankly at the hostile woman raging in front of her.

Sunny snorted. "Don't you understand me? How about I put it more bluntly? I'm going to be playing this role, while you can choose another role to steal away. If you don't know how to place yourself–"

"Huh? Sunny? Why are you still standing there? Did Muriel already change into her costume? Hurry up!" Walter waved his hand, signaling everyone to come over.

Sunny stomped over to Walter. She gritted her teeth. "Why did you do this?" she snarled.

"Huh? What?" He furrowed his eyebrows.

"I heard you hired that girl to replace me!" Sunny glared at him.

She had already sacrificed herself just to get a role on the television drama 'Love of Ghosts and Goblins', but all she got was the fourth top role only after smooth talking her way through the higher-ups.

All her previous efforts would be in vain if he suddenly said that Muriel was to replace her.

"I found someone to help you. Is there a problem? Oh crap, don't cry! Your makeup would be ruined." Walter scratched the back of his neck.

The make-up artist must've known that something was wrong. She hurried forward. "Sunny, did you misunderstand something? Muriel's a substitute. She's supposed to be a stunt double for all the actresses in the crew."

"Oh." Hearing the explanation, Sunny reddened in realization. She stopped crying and bowed her head apologetically. "I'm sorry. I may have misunderstood the situation."

"Where is Sunny?" Hudson Liu, the director, scratched his head impatiently.

Walter immediately waved his hand, hinting that everybody should hurry up.

When Hudson Liu saw that Walter and his companions were coming over, he couldn't help but stare at the unknown woman with him. "Am I hallucinating? Only one day has passed, and it seemed that Sunny had gotten even more beautiful."

Walter quickly motioned to Muriel and introduced, "Hudson, this is our new stunt double. Just call her Muriel."

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