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   Chapter 129 Difficulties

Sweet Nothings: Boss's Only Honey By Zhao Yuan Characters: 10895

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The more people reached the end of their lives, the more they couldn't let go. Just like him, he couldn't let go of Delilah, but no matter how hard he couldn't let her go, he had to.

After taking a rest for a while, it was getting late, so Nathan stood up and went back to his bedroom.

Delilah had already fallen asleep. Her sleeping face was so quiet and lovely. But when he looked at her, he felt heartbroken. How could he let go of such a beautiful Delilah?

"Lilah." Nathan was reluctant to part with him.

He slowly touched her forehead with his slender fingers and gently smoothed the hair on her forehead. How long could he have such a woman?

He slowly lay down beside Delilah and held her in his arms. He slowly cherished and loved her. His lips slowly kissed her on the forehead, as if he was going to devote all his love to her to repay her lifetime guilt.

Lilah, it's my forever regret that I can't be with you for the rest of my life. But I will love you forever and leave with my love for you. I don't think I will feel lonely.

Holding Delilah in his arms, he slowly fell asleep, waiting for a new day to come and a new long cherished wish to come!

After a good night's sleep, Delilah felt that she was surrounded by warmth, as if she was taken good care of by someone, who was so careful about her as if she was the most precious treasure.

"Hmm!" Feeling a little uncomfortable in sleep, Delilah turned over in the arms of Nathan, but she didn't want to wake him up.

She opened her eyes and met his deep black eyes. There seemed to be a faint smile in his eyes, but Delilah couldn't tell what it meant?

Obviously, they were still at odds yesterday. Why did she sleep in his arms today?

"Are you awake?" When Delilah was distracted, Nathan raised his eyebrows and said.

Delilah stared at him for a long time, feeling that they were so close, but as if they were far apart.

"You..." Delilah wanted to say something, but as soon as she opened her mouth, she couldn't say anything.

Of course, Nathan knew what was wrong with her, so he didn't intend to expose her. He just thought that nothing had happened last night, but his attitude towards her had to continue to be cold.

It was a painful disguise, but he had to disguise it, so that Delilah would think that he didn't care about her anymore. She'd better leave him because of this. In that case, he could leave her at ease from then on.

"I just came back to my room to sleep. You know, this is my room, so..."

Before he could finish his words, Delilah interrupted him, "What do you mean? Do you really..." Change your mind?

Delilah didn't ask the last few words because she was afraid that she couldn't accept the fact.

"What?" Nathan asked, his face had already become gloomy.

Delilah shook her head. She really didn't have the courage to ask, "Nothing."

Seeing her like this, Nathan felt heartbroken, but he could not comfort her. He could only endure it silently. Seeing her sad, he also felt sad.

"If you don't have anything else to do, you can go back to sleep more. I have to go outside to deal with something."

As soon as he finished his words, he ran out of the bedroom as fast as he could. If he continued to face Delilah, h

sometimes what you see with your eyes may not be true. Mr. Nathan must have his own difficulties in doing so. He loves you so much, so how can he be willing to hurt you?"

John's words reminded Delilah of something. She vaguely remembered that he had said the same words last time when they were at the seaside, always emphasizing the difficulties of Nathan. Was he reminding her of something?

Noticing the loophole in Nathan's words, Delilah suddenly felt that it was very likely that Nathan was lying to her. Then what was his real purpose?

"John, tell me, do you know anything? My brother must have hidden something from me, right?" Delilah questioned.

John felt terrible now. He blamed himself for the loopholes when he spoke for Mr. Nathan, and now Miss Delilah must have sensed something.

Seeing that John had been in a daze, and he didn't answer her question. She knew that her guess was probably right. "John, tell me, what happened?"

Suddenly being forced by Delilah, John didn't know how to answer her question. He just said, "Miss Delilah, I really don't know."

"How could you not know? You are with my brother every day. He told you everything. I don't believe you don't know."

Delilah seemed to be crazy. She was really going to be tortured crazy. She couldn't accept the betrayal of Nathan. Now even if it was just a trivial reason, she could find it out and prove that Nathan was right and he didn't betray her.

However, she knew that there was no such a reason. She was desperate, really desperate. Who could tell her what had happened to him?

"Miss Delilah, please don't do that." Seeing that Delilah was a little excited, John tried to persuade her, "I don't believe that Mr. Nathan would treat you like this, so I guess he must have his own difficulties, and Mr. Nathan must not want you to know."

He had his own difficulties, and he didn't want her to know. Then what was his difficulties?

Delilah couldn't figure it out. If he really had difficulties, something serious must have happened, so he didn't want her to know. According to his ability, as long as he didn't want someone to know, that person would never know.

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