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   Chapter 126 Will

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While he was thinking, Delilah had already pushed the bathroom door open and came in. She looked a little nervous and asked worriedly, "Nay, what's wrong with you? Why did you have a nosebleed?"

Nathan didn't know if Delilah felt something. He knew that he had to comfort her now, or she would think too much.

"Lilah, I'm fine. Maybe... It was caused by getting inflamed." Nathan made up a random excuse, he remembered that he had seen that getting inflamed would cause nosebleed.

However, it was not easy for Delilah to be cheated. She frowned and thought for a while. Then she said, "That's not right, you have never gotten inflamed before, and you haven't shown any signs of getting inflamed in the past two days."

'Well, Nathan was just speechless. His Lilah is so observant. What reason should he find to comfort her now?

"What's wrong with you? Tell me. Don't lie to me." Delilah ordered again.

Looking at Delilah, he racked his brain for an appropriate excuse to explain to her. After a long while, he finally laughed. "Lilah, do you really want to know?"

Delilah was worried about him, but he still smiled. "Of course I want to know. I'm worried about your health."

"Yes, I said I had a nosebleed because of getting inflamed, and you don't believe it. Or do you believe that I had a nosebleed because of facing my Lilah who is naked?

What? He was talking nonsense. Delilah blushed and lowered her head, without saying anything.

Seeing her shy look, Nathan couldn't help teasing her, "I'm telling the truth. If you don't believe me, you can surf the internet."

"You are so annoying." Delilah scolded him coquettishly, turned around and ran out of the bathroom. If she continued to stay with him, she would had to dig a hole in the ground to hide herself. What a shame!

Looking at the back of Delilah when she turned around and ran away, a faint smile appeared at the corners of Nathan's mouth. But when he turned around and looked at the mirror, his smile disappeared. It had been a long time since he fainted, nosebleed and spat out blood. Every day he lived happily with Delilah, he almost forgot that he was a patient, and now these symptom began to appear again. It seemed that his condition had worsened for the second time as Holt said. Was it God reminding him to let go of Delilah as soon as possible?

What should he do? He couldn't be so cruel to her. He really didn't want to hurt her!

In the JX Building

As usual, Nathan went to work on time, but this time he made a decision.

As soon as he sat down in front of his desk, he said to John, "Ask Mr. Cheng to come here."

"Yes, sir."

John replied, turned around and left.

About half an hour later, John knocked on the door and came in, followed by a middle-aged man, his lawyer, Mr. Cheng.

"Sir, Mr. Cheng is here." John reminded him respectfully.

"Mr. Nathan." Out of politeness, Mr. Cheng greeted his boss.

After nodding his head, Nathan stood up and said to Mr. Cheng, "Come and sit on the sofa."


John knew that if Nathan invited a private lawyer, he

icious. So he concentrated on driving, hoping that Delilah wouldn't be too impulsive after returning to the LC Garden.

When they arrived at LC Garden, Delilah walked into the living room, followed by John. Seeing that she was about to go upstairs, he stopped her and said, "Miss Delilah."

Suddenly, John stopped her. Confused, Delilah turned around and asked, "What's wrong?"

"Uh..." John paused when he spoke. Noticing that Sister Zhang was beside him, he said, "Sister Zhang has prepared some shrimp dumplings for you. Would you like to eat some first before going upstairs?"

As John finished his words, he winked at Sister Zhang. Sister Zhang immediately understood and nodded, "Yes, Miss Delilah, I'll ask them to cook it right away."

"No, thanks. I'm not hungry yet."

Sister Zhang felt embarrassed and then asked Delilah, "What do you want to eat for dinner? I'll tell the chef to make it for you."

Delilah was in a bad mood now, so she had no mood to think about it. She just said, "Whatever. I can eat anything."

After saying that, Delilah turned around and went upstairs. Seeing that they couldn't stop her, they could only be anxious, hoping that things wouldn't get too bad later.

Delilah went upstairs and walked to the door of the master bedroom on the second floor. When she was about to open the door, she suddenly heard a soft scream. She frowned slightly. Except for her and Nathan, few people would come up on the second floor. How could there be women's sexual moans?

Delilah shook her head. She might have misheard. Thinking of this, she opened the door of the master bedroom. At this time, she heard a soft voice. It was clearly a woman's voice, as if it came from the direction of the study.

Delilah put down her hand on the handle and walked towards the study...

"Hmm, Mr. Nathan. Hurry up!"

Mr. Nathan? Nathan was at home?

For a moment, Delilah's heart skipped a beat. The closer she got to the study, the heavier her heart sank, as if it was pressed by a big stone, making her unable to breathe.

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