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   Chapter 125 Why Do You Have Nosebleed

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Nathan was gasping for breath on the bed, he almost lost control. He didn't want to do that, even if he could take precautions. Since he couldn't protect her forever, he could only keep a proper distance from her.

But what he didn't know was that Delilah had misunderstood him because of this.

Delilah felt a little aggrieved when she saw that he withdrew from her and stopped what he was going to do. She turned her back to him and didn't even dare to look at him.

Delilah really couldn't figure out what had happened to Nathan. Recently, he didn't want her at all. Many times, like tonight, he just kissed or touched her, but at the last critical moment, he would stop and never touch her again.

Delilah didn't worry about anything else. The only thing she worried about was that if he changed his mind on her. Did he begin to hate her now?

Otherwise, she really couldn't find any other reason. In the past, he tortured her to death every time, and he still wouldn't let her go. But now, in this situation, she felt that except for this reason, what else could she find to comfort herself?

What should she do if he really changed his mind? How could she accept such a cruel fact?

The more she thought about it, the more frightened she felt. Of course, she didn't forget the despair she had faced when she first saw Nathan being with another woman. She even chose to commit suicide because she was unwilling to accept the truth.

And this time, it was more difficult for her to accept it than the last time. If she even lost the heart of Nathan, his heart would never fall on her and he would no longer love her. She would probably feel worse than death.

"What's wrong?" Nathan found that Delilah suddenly turned her back to him, as if she was completely absent-minded, he held her in his arms and asked her softly. He had no idea what she was thinking at the moment.


to her. The moment she saw him, Delilah became nervous. She hurriedly shook his body and called him to wake up, "Nay, Nay, wake up, wake up..."

When Nathan slowly opened his eyes and frowned, he looked at Delilah's flustered face and asked, "What's wrong, Lilah?"

"Nay, why do you have nosebleed?" Delilah asked. In her opinion, as a strong man, how could he have nosebleed for no reason? She felt it was unusual.

Did he have nosebleed? His heart suddenly tightened. He hoped that Lilah would not notice anything.

Nathan jumped out of bed, he ran to the bathroom regardless of the puzzled look on Delilah's face...

Standing in front of the mirror, he was sure that he had nosebleed. There was sticky blood on his nose, it seemed that he had nosebleed just now. He bent over, turned on the tap, got some water, and washed the blood on his nose.

Then he bent over and stood still in front of the wash basin. He hadn't had nosebleed for a long time. For him now, it was nothing serious. Once he coughed and bled, which was the most deadly thing.

Fortunately, Delilah only saw him bleeding today, not spitting out blood. Otherwise, she would be anxious and keep asking him about that. At that time, it would be difficult for him to explain to her.

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