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   Chapter 65 Make You A Pauper

Sweet Nothings: Boss's Only Honey By Zhao Yuan Characters: 7416

Updated: 2020-07-23 00:02

Seeing that the door of the guest room was locked again, Delilah sighed helplessly and lay on the bed. Alas, it was so boring!

Delilah had thought that it would be interesting in the place of Vincent, but she didn't expect that she would be locked in the room all day long and couldn't get out at all.

After two or three days, Delilah couldn't stand it anymore and began to think of a way to go out. She first called the door and asked the servants to open it for her, but none of the servants dared to do this. Therefore, Delilah kept calling the door, and finally attracted Vincent.

Seeing that Vincent was standing in front of her with a strong attitude, Delilah was furious. She didn't care who he was or whether she would irritate him or not. She shouted at him directly, "Hey, don't you say that you are the master here? Is this how you entertain your guests? Even if I was caught by you, aren't you afraid of suffocating me to death? "

Hearing Delilah's words, the corners of Vincent's mouth twitched. He didn't expect that this little girl would treat herself as a guest and let him treat her well. It was really interesting!

"You want to go out?" Vincent asked, raising his eyebrows.

Delilah nodded quickly, "Yes. I'm locked up by you every day. I'm so bored. Can you take me out for fun?"

What? Vincent thought he had misheard. Delilah even asked him to take her out for fun. He was not a fool. He had finally caught her. If she escaped, how could he threaten Nathan?

It seemed that she had read Vincent's mind. Delilah asked, "Are you afraid that I will run away?"

Vincent couldn't help but feel funny. This girl seemed to be smart enough to read other people's minds.

Seeing that Vincent didn't say anything, Delilah assured him immediately, "I won't run away. I just want to go out for fun, really."

"Why should I believe you?" Vincent said in an indifferent tone, showing no emotion.

Delilah lowered her head and thought, 'That's right. Why should he believe me?'

After a while, Delilah looked at Vincent with a smile. "You can take me to the yard by yourself, or ask the bodyguards to follow me. Isn't that enough?"

Vincent looked at the innocent smile on Delilah's fa

name of Delilah, his big hand touched the position of his heart. It turned out that when he missed someone, his heart would be so painful!

All of a sudden, he sat up from the sofa. He couldn't wait any longer. No matter what happened tonight, he would bring Delilah back to his side. His woman could only stay by his side. No one could take her away from him.

As soon as he thought of this, he stood up from the sofa and walked outside. While walking, he called John, simply saying, "Take action tonight." Then he hung up the phone and got in the elevator to go downstairs...

At dinner time, Delilah and Vincent had dinner together. They sat at the same table and the atmosphere was not bad.

Delilah ate a lot tonight. Seeing that she had a good appetite and didn't worry about being caught, Vincent teased her, "You are really good at eating. Aren't you afraid of getting fat?"

"It's you who took me here. Since you don't want to let me go, I have to eat and drink your food hard. I will make you live a poor life and become a pauper." Delilah yelled at Vincent, her mouth full of food.

Vincent ignored Delilah and continued to eat slowly.

Vincent's silence made Delilah feel depressed. No one was talking to her. She always felt that she would go crazy. But it didn't matter. Since he didn't talk to her, she took the initiative to talk to him. "Hey, is there any enmity between my brother and you? Otherwise, why do you want to catch me to threaten him?"

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