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   Chapter 62 Prove It To Me!

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Hearing this, Delilah was disappointed. She had asked him whether he liked her or not before. He said he liked her, but that was only the brother's love for his sister. She didn't want that. He knew it clearly, but why did he say that? What did he mean?

"Nay, you know that's not what I want to ask." Delilah continued stubbornly, as if she wouldn't stop until she got his real answer.

Nathan knew his answer would make Delilah disappointed. But he didn't want to answer her question directly, so he had to change the topic and find something that could make her happy. "Lilah, Christmas is coming. Let's travel abroad together. There are only two of us."

Delilah was naturally happy that only the two of them were on a trip together. But she still felt depressed and unable to cheer up since she couldn't get an answer from him. However, she still nodded and replied to him lightly, "Okay."

"Where do you want to go?" Nathan knew that she was not happy, it seemed that she would be satisfied only when she got an accurate answer from him.

Delilah still replied indifferently, "You can arrange it. I have no opinion."

After a long silence, Delilah didn't seem to want to say anything. So, Nathan had to put down the bowl and chopsticks again, held one of Delilah's little hands and said, "Lilah, there's something I don't want to say, but I have my own reason. I've given you my mother's necklace. Can't you guess what I'm thinking?"

Delilah raised her head and looked into his eyes. She still didn't want to say anything. Maybe she knew what he was thinking, but he never told her. So what? She didn't know whether she should believe it or not, or what she thought was just her own wishful thinking.

Even if he was engaged, he would repent of his marriage, let alone just a necklace. Now, although he really gave it to her for safekeeping, who knew if he would find an excuse to take it back one day?

"Forget it. I'll listen to you about Christmas." Delilah forced a smile. She didn't want to think too much. Everything was destined, and she couldn't change it. In that case, why should she force him?

Of course, he knew her well. At this time, even if she was smiling at him, that smile must be very tired. He didn't expose her and returned her a smile. "Okay."

After dinner, Nathan and Delilah took a shower one after another. They had been used to sle

she couldn't bear it and begged for mercy, "Don't do this... To me, please... You, let me go! "

"Ha-ha..." Hearing Sally's begging for mercy, Vincent laughed wildly. The strength in his hand slowly decreased. He ordered Sally, "Prove it to me!"

Vincent's hand was still on Sally's neck. She didn't dare to irritate him again, fearing that he would strangle her if he got angry again. So she had to nod obediently and said, "Okay."

Hearing this, Vincent looked at Sally with a disdainful smile and let her go. "Sally Pan, you are really a bitch!"

Sally endured the unwillingness in her heart and watched Vincent lie down again, waiting for her to please him. She gritted her teeth tightly and the hatred in her heart grew stronger and stronger. It was all because of Nathan and Delilah. She would not easily let go of Delilah, let alone let Nathan be so proud.

"Why are you still standing there? Or do you really want to die?" Seeing that Sally had been sitting next to him in a daze and had no intention of pleasing him, Vincent roared and urged her.

Sally dared not slack off any more, so she had to crawl to the side of Vincent...

Having been tortured by Vincent for the whole night, Sally got up in the morning, feeling very uncomfortable, but she was very hungry. She couldn't treat herself shabbily. Although Vincent didn't treat her well at ordinary times, but if she didn't provoke him, he would be willing to give her anything, including the superior food and clothes.

Sally was provided everything by Vincent. Why didn't she enjoy it? She was not a fool.

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