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   Chapter 53 Take Her Classmates Home

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Therefore, Nathan didn't want to prepare such a banquet for Delilah. One reason was that he didn't want Vincent to know the existence of Delilah, otherwise she would be in danger because of him in the future. The other reason was that he didn't want so many noble men to recognize his Lilah. Moreover, she was his woman now, and he didn't want her to face the public in the name of his own sister. Otherwise, if they were together in the future, they would be condemned by the public. He didn't care about it himself, but he would never let Lilah be condemned like this.

Therefore, considering these two points, Nathan decisively gave up the idea of holding a grand birthday party for Delilah, he knew his Lilah very well. As long as she was accompanied by him, she would feel very satisfied. She didn't need any magnificent birthday party as a foil.

Although Delilah's birthday didn't need to be so grand, and he was the only one who would celebrate her birthday with her, he had arranged everything carefully. After all, it was Delilah's eighteen-year-old birthday, so he would certainly give her an unforgettable surprise.

It happened to be Friday on October nineteenth. As soon as school was over in the afternoon, Delilah left the classroom in a hurry. She knew that Nathan must be waiting for her now, but when she went downstairs, the three people, Jane, Anne and Lucy, caught up with her and stopped her.

"Delilah, why are you walking so fast?" Jane complained.

Anne also complained, "Yes, why are you in such a hurry?"

Delilah looked at the three of them and smiled, "Someone is waiting for me outside the school gate."

"Oh, is he your handsome brother? Delilah, shouldn't you take us to see him? " Anne was a typical anthomaniac. She had heard from Jane that Delilah's brother was very handsome. She had asked Delilah to take them to meet Nathan several times.

Uh... Delilah was in a dilemma. Logically speaking, since Anne had said so, she was naturally embarrassed to refuse her. But she didn't get the permission of Nathan in advance. She didn't know if he would be angry if she took her classmates to see him so rashly?

Just as Delilah was hesitating, Jane said, "It happens to be your birthday today. Why don't you take us to your house? In this way, we can not only celebrate your birthday, but also see your brother."

Although Delilah was still hesitant, Jane's words made

elilah into the luxury car, and then went to the LC Garden.

In fact, when Nathan got John's call, he heard that Delilah was going to take her classmates home. He frowned deeply at that time, but when he thought that it was the first time that Delilah asked her to take her classmates home and celebrate her birthday, he thought that she should have a good relationship with her classmates, otherwise she wouldn't have taken them home, so he didn't want to disappoint Delilah, he agreed.

Originally, Nathan was going to give Delilah a surprise, but it seemed that he had to make another plan. After dealing with the company's affairs, he went home directly without hesitation. Alas, thinking that he would have to face Delilah's classmates later, he began to feel headache.

In the LC Garden

After stopping the car, John opened the door for Delilah to let her to get off. The three people Jane, Anne and Lucy also got off the car.

Jane, Anne and Lucy followed Delilah to the living room. The three of them were amazed at what they saw during their walking to the living room. Even Jane, who was born in a noble family, and Anne, who thought herself to be from a rich family, looked at the luxurious villa like a royal palace in front of them and felt that their family was just so-so. Not to mention Lucy, she hadn't seen any villas before. Now looking at the magnificent scenery in the villa, Lucy was so stunned that she forgot to keep up with Delilah and the others.

Seeing that Lucy didn't follow her, Delilah stopped and walked up to her. She asked with a smile, "Lucy, why don't you go?"

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