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   Chapter 52 You Are My Little Princess

Sweet Nothings: Boss's Only Honey By Zhao Yuan Characters: 7356

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When Nathan was in a daze, Lilah took the initiative to kiss him. He didn't expect that she would be so moved to kiss him just after he cooked a few dishes. This feeling was really very good!

Looking at Delilah, he said dotingly, "Silly girl! It's a secret between us two. Don't let a third person know that I had cooked, okay? "

"Well, let's pinky swear on it" Delilah nodded with a smile and stretched out her little finger to hook up with him. She knew that men were all proud, especially a man as arrogant as him. Naturally, she didn't want others to know that he had cooked. However, since he could cook for her himself, Delilah was very satisfied. She only wanted to enjoy this happiness alone, and didn't want to share it with others!

Seeing Delilah's hands dangling in front of him, he felt helpless. Why is she still like a child? And even make him play with her!

Well, all right. He had no choice but to stretch out his hand obediently and hook her. He teased her with a smile, "After pulling the hook, if Lilah tells others the secret between us, she will become a pig."

"What? Why do I become a pig? If you tell others, will I become a pig? " Delilah said with a sad face.

'When did she become so smart?' he wondered?

"Come on, sit down and have a taste of the food I cook." He urged Delilah to sit down.

As soon as Delilah sat down, she began to gobble down the food. When she took the first bite, she slowly tasted it little by little, which made Nathan look at her anxiously, waiting for her answer.

However, looking at her struggling and relaxing face, which had changed so much, Nathan became more nervous. He immediately asked her, "How is it? Is it delicious?"

Delilah was speechless for a long time. After she finally tried all the dishes and soup, she suddenly smiled happily. "Nay, I can't believe this is the first time you cook. It's delicious!"

Hearing Delilah's affirmative answer, he was relieved. He had been afraid that she would say it was not delicious. Now seeing that she was so happy and praised his cooking, he was happy with her. He immediately picked up some food with his chopsticks and gave it to her. "That's good. You should eat more

that she didn't want to extravagantly ask for it, but she was willing to give him more time. When he really faced the relationship between them, it must be the happiest day for her.

Happiness was always not that easy to get, so she chose to believe Nathan, she chose to wait, waiting for her own happiness to come!

In the blink of an eye, summer had quietly passed, and another bleak autumn came.

October nineteenth was coming. It was the day when Nathan met Delilah ten years ago. Delilah didn't know when her birthday was, so Nathan took it as her birthday. He would celebrate her birthday with her every October nineteenth.

And this year seemed to be different from the past, because Delilah was just eighteen years old this year. He had prepared a special gift for her on her birthday for a long time.

In fact, regarded the identity and status of Nathan, he should hold a grand banquet for Delilah on her eighteen-year-old birthday, because it was a honor for every lady in the upper class.

On their eighteen-year-old birthday, there was not only a birthday party for them, but also an adult ceremony for them. They were introduced to more people, and the most important thing was to introduce them to the noble young men with strong family background. They hoped that they could find their Mr Right among these people in the future. And to make their families stronger by marrying into a powerful family. But for Nathan, he would never do that.

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