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   Chapter 41 Change A Place

Sweet Nothings: Boss's Only Honey By Zhao Yuan Characters: 3094

Updated: 2020-06-30 00:02

Looking at Delilah and Jane, Lucy giggled and said, "Yeah, that's also what I want to ask."

"It's Delilah. She said she wanted to go out and relax. Anne, do you know any interesting places?"

Anne frowned and thought for a while. Then she suddenly smiled, "Yes, I do. Isn't Delilah going to relax? Then we should go to a bar. Recently I know a very famous bar called LM Bar. I've never been there before. How about we go there? "

Anne was an open-minded girl and liked doing crazy things. She often dragged the three of them to play around.

But when Delilah heard that she was going to the bar, she frowned and said awkwardly, "Anne, can we change a place instead of going to the bar?"

"Yes, Anne. I don't like to go to the bar either."

Lucy was a quiet and gentle girl. She didn't like the noisy places like bars. But she had to go with Anne almost every time.

And it was okay for Jane. No matter where she

Delilah shook her head helplessly and smiled, saying nothing more...

As soon as they entered the LM Bar, their nose were filled with the smell of cigarettes and wine, and the noisy music was deafening. Men and women were dancing crazily on the dance floor. A few coquettish women were playing with men, flirting with those men who couldn't control themselves with frivolous movements, and even some women were snuggling up to men and flirting with him in their arms.

The four of them, came into the bar together and saw this scene. And Delilah leaned against Jane timidly, as if she was her God of protection.

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