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   Chapter 39 You Are So Noble

Sweet Nothings: Boss's Only Honey By Zhao Yuan Characters: 2985

Updated: 2020-06-28 00:02

Delilah didn't like Nathan's attitude. Would he do the same to other women?

"Nay... You are too selfish!" After saying that, Delilah turned around and was about to leave.

However, Nathan took a step forward, grabbed her wrist and pulled her into his arms. "Delilah An, do you think I'm selfish?"

"Aren't you?" Delilah looked up at him stubbornly.

"Ha-ha." "I did this to protect you. Now you think I'm selfish? Delilah An, you are so noble. "

"Don't be so lofty. I don't need you to hurt others to protect me."

"Delilah An!" "Do you have to think of me as such a cruel man?" Nathan got furious and roared. At the moment, his face was tight, and his whole body was giving out a strong and cold breath, as if it would freeze everything around him.

Delilah didn't say anything more. She stared at the cold face of Nathan stubbornly. After a while, she shook off his hand, got ou

ver. She knew that this was not the limited edition car of Nathan. His private car had always been an extended Cayenne, Spyker, and a cool black Bentley. Therefore, when she saw the Land Rover, she was instantly disappointed.

The Land Rover stopped slowly in front of Delilah. Then John opened the door and got off. He stood in front of her and said respectfully and politely, "Miss Delilah, Mr. Nathan asked me to drive you to school."

It was Nathan who asked him to send her to school. A hint of joy flashed through Delilah's heart. It turned out that he was still concerned about her.

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