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   Chapter 38 Not That Important

Sweet Nothings: Boss's Only Honey By Zhao Yuan Characters: 2933

Updated: 2020-06-27 00:02

Delilah raised her head and looked at Nathan. For a moment, she suddenly realized that she didn't seem to know him. In the past, even if he was a member of the underground, she had never seen his fierce side, because he would never show it in front of her. At most, he was just furious.

It was also because of her that he chose to quit. She was so moved at that time, but now his selfish behavior made her feel disgusted. She didn't like him doing this, and she didn't like him hurting others in order to protect her.

It had been a long time since he received any response from Delilah. With a frown, he asked, "What's wrong?"

"Nay, am I important to you or not?" Delilah suddenly asked. After what happened to Sally, she felt that Nathan cared about her, but he pretended not to care, which made her uncertain.

Obviously, Nathan didn't expect that Delilah would ask h

yes, Sally was just an insignificant woman, and there was nothing he should or shouldn't do to her. "Lilah, don't you dislike that woman?"

"Yes, I don't like her, but I have never thought of treating her like this."

Nathan thought that Delilah really didn't understand him. Why did he do that? Wasn't that all for her safety? But she kept blaming him for hurting others.

With a sneer on his lips, Nathan gritted his teeth and squeezed out a sentence, "It's all because of that woman herself. If she hadn't come to provoke me, she wouldn't have been caught by Vincent today."

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