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   Chapter 13 Just Be Obedient.

Sweet Nothings: Boss's Only Honey By Zhao Yuan Characters: 4465

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Since Delilah got sick that day, she stubbornly insisted on living in school and refused to live at home, which was what Sally want. She would go to the LC Garden every day to pester Nathan, and she hoped that Delilah would never go back.

One day, when Delilah was having a class, she suddenly received a call from her family. The voice of the Butler, Lee, sounded so anxious on the other end of the phone. "Miss Delilah, Mr. Nathan had a car accident. You'd better go to the hospital to have a look."

This news was like a bomb to Delilah, exploding in her heart. She forgot that it was still class time. When she was about to stand up and leave, she was stopped by Jane Li beside her. "Delilah, it is still class time, what are you going to do?"

"My brother had a car accident. I have to go to the hospital to see him." Delilah said simply.

Seeing that she was in such a hurry, Jane seemed to be a little worried. "Do you want me to accompany you?"

"No, thanks. Please tell the teacher about that for me."


In the hospital, Nathan was lying on the bed with his eyes closed, he wasn't seriously injured. His head was only injured with a layer of skin. After the doctor disinfected him, he had already been bandaged, but his arm was broken and now it was placed on his chest and couldn't move.

When Delilah arrived and rushed into the ward, Sally was already taking care of Nathan, which made Delilah realize that her worry was unnecessary. She turned around and wanted to leave. However, she heard a cold voice behind her, "Stop!"

Delilah suddenly stopped and turned around to look at the man leaning against the bed. With a straight face, Nathan stared at Delilah with his deep and sharp black eyes, as if he wanted to pierce her with his eyes.

"Sally, you can go back first." But he didn't take his eyes off Delilah.

Sally raised her chin arrogantly and glanced at Delilah. And jealousy surged in her heart. She wanted to slap Delilah, but she finally gritted her teeth and endured it.

It was rare to see a rich and handsome man like Nathan in J city. Many women wanted to sleep with him but failed. But she was different. This opportunity came once in a blue moon. So she would not be s

o stupid to let it slip away.

When she looked at Nathan again, she hesitated and said coquettishly, "But, I'm worried about you..."

"Fuck off!" Nathan shouted impatiently. His tone was tough and no one could resist.

Sally curled her lips. Reluctantly as she was, she picked up her bag, turned around and left the ward.

The door of the ward was closed. There were only Nathan and Delilah left in the big and luxurious VIP ward. Although Delilah was not very happy, she couldn't help but want to step forward to care about him. However, she didn't know how to do this?

"Come here." Noticing that Delilah was just standing by the door, Nathan squeezed out two words from his teeth, bearing the displeasure in his heart.

Looking at him, Delilah didn't have the courage to refuse. Maybe she wanted to get closer to him and see if his injury was serious?

Step by step, Delilah slowly moved to the edge of the bed. She looked at Nathan for a long time and asked, "You... How could you have a car accident with others? Does it hurt? "

In Delilah's memory, Nathan was a careful man who would never make any mistake, let alone a car accident.

Nathan fixed his eyes on Delilah's pure and beautiful face, and just looked this woman who had been missed by him for a few days.

Actually, When Delilah asked that question out of concern, he was angry and happy. He pulled her into his arms with one hand. If it wasn't because of her, he wouldn't have been like this.

"How dare you ask me why I had a car accident? Huh? " There was anger in his voice. And then he bit Delilah's earlobe as a punishment.

In Delilah's opinion, what he acted was so intimately that she was a little difficult to resist. And then she instinctively wanted to avoid him.

However, when she had just made some little dodges, Nathan held her more tightly to prevent her from escaping.

"Your arm will hurt." He hugged her so tightly that she couldn't help worrying about him.

Seeing that Delilah cared about him so nervously, Nathan felt happy, so he still held her tightly and whispered in her ear, "If you don't want me to hurt, just be obedient."

Delilah then obediently leaned in his arms and didn't dare to move anymore.

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