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   Chapter 12 It Has Nothing To Do With You

Sweet Nothings: Boss's Only Honey By Zhao Yuan Characters: 4316

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Delilah opened her eyes in a daze and felt a terrible headache. She had no strength at all.

"You awake?" A cold voice came into Delilah's ears. Following the voice, she saw that Nathan was sitting on the edge of her bed expressionlessly.

She took a look at him and said nothing.

Seeing her attitude towards him, Nathan was a little annoyed. He was almost worried to death last night. Why didn't she take care of her own health? She didn't even know she had a fever. If Doctor Lin hadn't arrived in time, her life would have been in danger!

Thinking of this, Nathan was furious. He scolded Delilah, "Why don't you take care of yourself? Don't you know you're sick seriously? Will you know that only when you are about to die?"

His scolding made Delilah feel wronged. Since he didn't love her, why did he still care about her?

"You can just care about others. It has nothing to do with you whether I am sick or dead." Her eyes were red and she bit her lips. She looked like a poor rabbit that had been hurt all the time.

Did it have nothing to do with him? The answer was not. Because their destinies would be intertwined in this life.

"Delilah An, I took your life back. Your life is mine in this life. So it's up to me whether you have something to do with me or not. Do you understand?" Nathan stressed peremptorily.

Did she want to disassociate herself from him? Humph, she would never think about it for the rest of her life!

Delilah glared at him with dissatisfaction. The stubbornness and arrogance in her eyes were clear. She knew that he was such a domineering person. No matter how she refuted, she couldn't get the slightest mercy from him. So she turned her head away and ignored him.

"Knock, knock, knock... There is a knock on the door. Who the hell was knocking at the door now? Nathan roared angrily, "Come in."

After a while, Sally pushed the door open and came in with the bowl of porridge in her hands. She saw that both of them didn't look good, especially Nathan. His face was dark, which made people feel depressed.

Sally was afraid that she might irritate Nathan, so she tried her best to be gentle

and natural. She smiled and said, "Nathan, I heard that Delilah had a fever last night, so I specially cooked a porridge for her in the morning. Let her have it while it's still hot."

Without saying anything, Nathan turned his head away.

"Delilah, you didn't eat anything last night. You must be hungry now. Come on, drink it while it's still hot." Sally walked to Delilah's bedside, smiled and handed the bowl to her.

Looking at the hot porridge in her bowl, Delilah frowned. Yesterday, the intimate scene between Sally and Nathan rushed into her mind. How could she have the mood to eat the porridge cooked by this woman?

Then Delilah raised her head to look at Sally in front of her. She pushed out her hand hard and the hot porridge fell to the ground with a bang. Some porridge splashed on Sally's body, making her scream.

With that, Nathan turned his head and saw that Sally was a little angry. Sally asked, "Delilah, what do you mean? I cooked the porridge for you out of kindness. How can you do this?"

"I don't need your porridge. Get out of here right now." Delilah glanced at Sally.

Sally pretended to be aggrieved and stood aside with her head down, waiting for Nathan to help her teach Delilah a lesson.

With a cold face, Nathan looked at Delilah and felt that she was making trouble out of nothing, which was not like her usual style. He couldn't help shouting at her, "Delilah, that's enough!"

"Get out, both of you!" Delilah shouted hysterically. She had had enough of it. She didn't want to see him being so intimate with another woman and she didn't want to see him protect another woman.

Nathan was completely irritated by her, flames of fury were burning in his eyes. Looking at Delilah's weak and pale face, he managed to hold back the anger that was about to burst out. He grabbed Sally's hand and said in a cold and stiff tone, "Sally, let's go. Leave her alone."

With a bang, the door was slammed, Nathan and Sally were isolated outside.

In an instant, there was only Delilah left in the big and bright room. Staring at the door, she sat on the bed blankly for a long time without any response

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