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   Chapter 10 Delilah An, She Is My Sister

Sweet Nothings: Boss's Only Honey By Zhao Yuan Characters: 3165

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"Nathan, who is she?" Sally looked at Nathan, who had been watching Delilah go upstairs, and asked with dissatisfaction. At the same time, she leaned towards him, wishing to hang herself on him.

It was not until then that Nathan withdrew his sight. Looking at Sally, who was clinging to him, he felt disgusted and resisted the impulse to throw her out. He pushed her away who was leaning on him, walked straight to the sofa and sat down. "Her name is Li... Delilah An, she is my sister. "

At first, Nathan wanted to say that her name was Lilah directly, but when he was about to say it, he changed his tone. It seemed that he didn't like to call her Lilah in front of others. This was his exclusive. Only he himself could call Delilah Lilah, and no one else had the right.

"Oh?" Sally felt a little strange. She sat down next to Nathan and asked him curiously, "Nathan, you have a sister. Why haven't I heard of her before? And why is her surname An, not Wan?"

Nathan hated to be asked questions like this, and he hated more to hear other people say that Delilah was his own sister. In that case, he would feel that the distance between him and Delilah would be farther, and the ethical barrier would always shackle them, making him unable to get closer to her.

"Sally, don't ask what you shouldn't ask, understand?"

"Well," Sally nodded after a long while as the coldness in Nathan's eyes seemed to freeze her. "I see."

When it was time for dinner, Delilah didn't go downstairs to have dinner. She locked herself in the room and nobody knew what she was doing


Nathan had asked the maid to go upstairs and urge her several times. It was said that Miss Delilah had locked the door from inside and she didn't answer or open it no matter how she called her.

The dishes on the table were mostly Delilah's favorite, but she was not there. Instead, Sally was sitting at the table. However, Nathan had no appetite to eat, he asked the servant to find the key to Delilah's room and went upstairs to call the door himself.

Of course, Sally was unhappy to see that Nathan ignored her because of Delilah. She quickly stood up and followed him. "Nathan, I think Delilah must be tired. Let's have dinner first. I'm starving to death."

Hearing this, Nathan didn't say a word. Instead, he turned around and glanced coldly at Sally, who was acting like a spoiled child in front of him. This woman was so annoying and noisy!

Sally dared not to speak again when she saw the cold gaze from Nathan. She stood still with her head down and dared not follow him anymore.

After that, Nathan turned around and continued to go upstairs. When he arrived at the door of Delilah's room, it was still closed and there was no sign of opening it.

"Knock, knock, knock," Nathan knocked on the door of Delilah's room a few times, there was no response for a long time, so he took the key and opened the door directly.

When he walked into the room, he saw Delilah lying on a big and soft bed with her back to him. He didn't know if she was asleep.

Then he lifted his foot and walked gently to the bedside, and called her in a low voice, "Lilah."

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