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   Chapter 9 A Perfect Match

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As soon as she entered the living room, Delilah found that there were a man and a woman sitting on the sofa. The man was Nathan, but who was the woman?

From Delilah's point of view, it seemed that Nathan was very intimate with that woman. He even held her in his arms.

This scene deeply stung Delilah's eyes, and her heart was filled with a kind of pain as if she was about to stifle. She really couldn't believe her eyes now. How could Nathan bring a woman home?!

Delilah walked stiffly to the front of Nathan step by step. Only then did she see the real face of that woman. She was very beautiful, and should be the kind of woman that men would like as soon as they saw her.

"It's so lively! I heard the laughter in the living room from afar. It turns out that there is a guest at home." Delilah hid all her uncomfortableness and looked at the woman beside Nathan calmly.

Seeing that it was Delilah who came back, Nathan's expression suddenly became a little unnatural. He seemed to be afraid that she would misunderstand something, but on second thought, it was good. Wasn't this the result he wanted?

It would be better to make her misunderstand him more thoroughly. So Nathan pulled the woman sitting next to him to stand up and put his arm around her shoulder, then looked at Delilah. It seemed that he wanted to see something from her face, but she was so calm that people couldn't see what she was thinking.

"Delilah, you're back. I'd like to introduce a person to you," Nathan

said as he pushed the woman beside him to Delilah "Her name is Sally, my new girlfriend."

Sally didn't know who the girl in front of her was, but since Nathan formally introduced her to the girl, she had to pretend to show an extremely gentle smile to Delilah, "Hello."

Delilah glanced at her with disdain and didn't say anything. The sudden appearance of a beautiful and sexy woman made Delilah very unhappy. Most important thing is the woman was so close to Nathan. However, Nathan didn't dodge. Instead, he talked to the woman so intimately and introduce her to Delilah. Wasn't it obvious that he wanted to make her sad by doing this?

After a while, Delilah sneered at them and said, "It turns out that this is your taste. She is really sexy and enchanting. You are a perfect match!"`

There was a hint of mockery in Delilah's words, which sounded so harsh to Nathan, but he didn't feel angry. Vaguely, he could feel that Delilah's mockery was because she was angry. Did she seem to be jealous?

This cognition made Nathan feel a little complacent, which meant that he still had a position in Lilah's heart? But when he was about to say something, she turned around and went upstairs without looking back. He could only swallow what he had not said.

Was it because of this woman? 'Have Lilah grown up? Will she be jealous for me?' Nathan wondered? Just like when he saw her with another man, he felt very unhappy. Subconsciously, he knew that he was jealous, but how could he admit it?

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