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   Chapter 7 Things That Had Been Used By Others

Sweet Nothings: Boss's Only Honey By Zhao Yuan Characters: 2829

Updated: 2020-05-27 00:02

He didn't know which paparazzi had followed him and reported what had happened in the LM Bar last night.

Looking at the newspaper in his hand, Nathan clenched his fists tightly. The next second, the door of the study was suddenly opened. Delilah walked in with a newspaper in her hand, humming angrily. "Nay, what's going on?"

Delilah threw the newspaper on the ground, raised her neck and looked at Nathan stubbornly.

"Didn't you see that?" Nathan glanced at the newspaper on the ground. It was the same as the one in his hand.

"Did you really go to the LM Bar last night? Did you really have sex with that woman?" Looking at the indifferent expression on Nathan's face, Delilah felt heartbroken. She couldn't believe it was true. Tears streamed down her face in an instant, and she pounded him on the chest with her little hand. "How can you do that? How can you do that? You are mine. How can you do that with other women?"

Hearing that, Nathan's heart skipped a beat. Lilah said he was her. Did she really like him?

"Why not? Or who else can do that thing with me? Hum? " Nathan raised his eyebrows and looked at Delilah playfully.

In his eyes, could he do that thing with any other women? Delilah's eyes were full of sadness. Why didn't he understand her heart? Why did he hurt her like this?

Delilah chuckled with self-mockery. After a while, she almost roared madly, "Why? Why did yo

u refuse me last night? Why do you hate me so much? Am I worse than a barmaid in your heart?"

Hearing this, Nathan's pupils contracted sharply, and his heart was surging with overwhelming emotions. He took Delilah into his arms, then turned around and pressed her petite body against the desk, and his kiss fell heavily like a storm.

"Hum..." His sudden attack caught Delilah off guard. She struggled to push him away, but she couldn't move him at all because of the huge strength gap between men and women.

Nathan fixed Delilah's head with his big hand to prevent her from moving. And his strength was gentle but irresistible. However, he still felt unsatisfied. Why did he want more when he just kiss her like this?

Delilah didn't know how long the kiss lasted. But Nathan kept kissing her until she felt dizzy and almost lost her breath.

"Do you prefer me to treat you like this, Lilah?" Nathan stared at the girl in his arms. And his eyes were bloodshot.

However, Delilah pushed him away and wiped her lips in disgust. "I'm not interested in things that have been used by others."

A trace of anger flashed through Nathan's eyes and he stared at Delilah. How could she say that he was dirty and had been used by others!

However, Delilah didn't take his anger seriously at all. She glared back at him, and the next second, she passed him and walked out of the study without hesitation.

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